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Guideline (Admins only!) Website membership support
• Website membership support •

Invalid username or password
  • Login with your username, not your email.
  • The forum username and email is not connected in any way with the Dwelvers website, the website has its own registration.
  • Use the "Lost your password?" link, if you don't get any mail sent to you and you know that you have an account registered then PM me.
  • For those of you that have pre-ordered the game there is a extra tab in the navigation bar named "Members Page", there you can see your membership status. If you don't see the members page or your membership status is incorrect, then PM me and I will correct it ASAP.

Solved issues
  • I have got some reports that the users gets the text "blocked" or something similar when trying to login to the website.

Want your username changed?
I have registered a lot members to the website myself, not knowing if they wanted a specific username. If this is the case with you and you want your username changed then PM me and I will change it for you.

If you have any general questions about logging in or the membership status, things that you would like to see improved or clarified for example, then feel free to leave a comment. If you have personal questions regarding your account then PM me.

You can either contact me with a PM here at the forum or use the contact form at the website.

Remember not to post any personal information here, like password or e-mail!
I'm very interested in this problem. The thing is that if people press login directly without entering Username and Password they will end up at the wp-login.php site which is the ordinary site where people log in, the login sidebar is just a widget. But when that is done I have noticed that sometimes the site is "blocked". If the user then press "ctrl+F5" (works on firefox and IE) to refresh the site they will see the login site and be able to login. This works just as well as if they would use the direct login http and enter it to the address bar directly. So I belive that it is the login sidebar widget that is causing the "block" situation because it sends some extra information to the wp-login.php site that the site don't agree on.

So if anyone has the time I would like them to try something out, if my theory checks out I will have to remove the sidebar login widget and replace it with a link to the login site.
1. First go to and press "login" in the sidebar without entering any username or password, if it says "blocked" or white screen with a error message comes up then proceed to step two.
2. Leave the site and go to another address (anyone will do) and then enter this address to your address bar: "", now you should see the login screen.

If you first had the blocked screen when entering the login screen from the sidebar, and then had it functional when entering the login site from the address bar I am almost certain that I can blame the login sidebar widget.

Please comment on how it went Smile
I'd love to test this but unless my old login from the previous version of the website's still active I'll need a new account. I did get an email saying something about how I should have received an email with new login info but I never got any such email. If that's so then I have no login for the new site.
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The Golden One!
I think you do. Press the lost password or go here:
Enter your email and press "Get New Password", if no error messages come up then your email should be registered and you should have gotten some info on how to reset the password by mail.

Then you can login with the Username mentioned in that mail.
I re-registered all the members the day before yesterday. Maybe the individual mails didn't went out as they should to all of you. But I can see that you are a member and registered as you should be, it is just the password that couldn't be transferred with the site change.
OK, I'll give that a try and let you know how it goes...

EDIT: It worked, I now have access to log in again. I also tested the login widget and got no problems at all. I logged in both by leaving the login fields blank and going to the login page and logged in by filling the widget login form and both worked.

I use Firefox 26.0. I'll try again with IE next.
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Big Grin
OK, I tried with IE 10.0.9x and got a 403 forbidden error, so this looks like an IE related problem.

I'm installing Chrome and Safari to test with them next...
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The Golden One!
Okey, do you get the same error when you enter "" directly into the web address bar of IE?
I'll test that next.

I tried on Google Chrome V31.0.1x and when clicking on the login button for the 1st time I got the "blocked" page you mentioned earlier. Entering the login info on the widget worked, and after that the login button, when the widget was left blank would send me to the login page. I'll do the above test in IE and also test in Safari next.
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The Golden One!
Here's my last tests:

IE: entering the login url directly into the address bar worked, it got me to the login page where I was able to log in properly.

Safari V5.1.7: also gave me the "blocked" page just like in Chrome. Again, entering the log in url directly fixed this and got me to the login page.

In all cases, once I was able to log in once successfully, the widget would start working properly thereafter. At least for this session.

The results so far are that the login worked seamlessly without any errors only on firefox, all other browsers produced some form of error initially.
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The Golden One!
This is what I wanted to hear!

My conclusion is that when the widget is doing the login for the user the error comes up. I use firefox, and there everything works as it should, with IE sometimes and with Crome almost never. But it works for all internet browsers when I go directly to "" via the browsers login bar. So the problem must be with the login widget.

Another reason why I think it is the widget is because the link "Sign up for the news crow" also goes to "", and I have never gotten an error there. So I think the widget is doing some nasty things behind the scenes that certain explorers don't like.

My direct solution to this is to have a link in the sidebar just saying "Login", which will direct the user to
It makes no big difference anyway, the login widget is a little bit more visible, but the link text shouldn't be so hard to find either.

Thanks a lot for your help SU. Two points too you Wink
no problem.

You could also check for a better login widget, if that one's no good. Or at least use a huge font size for the login link.
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The Golden One!
I added a new widget - the login bar at the top of the website. If you're logged in the bar will turn to default bar that was from the start on website. Can someone please, ckeck this login bar in different browsers?
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Hmm, the new widget causes the same issues that the old one did. The problem is that the website don't accept login information to be sent to the users needs to go there via a link and login via the site directly.

I do find it a lot more handy to have the login directly on the site, but for now we need the users to login on the wp-login site.

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