My New Idea Construction Idea - Arched Bridge
Arched Bridge

I like to bring every creature from controled portal to my center of town thru uninterupted tunels but that leaves large detours.. to be able to go exploring. Since I do not want to disturb these tunels. What if a section of tunel could go down one or two lvls so bridges could be built crossing the tunel wile leaving room for creatures to go undeneat?

A little arched type bridge.

Function: Lets you cross an existing tunel without disturbing the flow of the tunel.
Item Type: Final product.
Cost: 2 stones.
Location: Ground.
Made In: Stone masson room or blacksmiths.
I like it; +1 from me (not that it means much).
[insert witty text here]
I also like it enough for another +1
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The Golden One!
I truly like the idea as well, but right now it is hard to implement because the whole path finding system is 2D atm. If paths would go under and over each-other I would have to make some differences. But I like the idea, and it is something that could be really necessary in the future, just saying that it may take a while before it is implemented.
I understand Rasmus. I am glad that the idea might be implemented in the future. Already cant wait to use em Wink
Thank you guys for the rep Smile

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