The Fish Thread
Since fish seems to have become such a hot "off-topic" topic of discussion, here's a place where all fish talk will be entirely on topic.

You can discuss fishing games, fish caught in Dwelvers, or even fish caught in real life.

So, to start off, here's my first catch large enough to eat.
[Image: 11847480995_cd8d92a15f_c.jpg]
I used to fish this lake near where I lived when I was a kid but never caught anything larger then 2 inch catfish, throwbacks all. This one I caught in a lake in the interior of BC last summer while on a vacation. I know others may have caught bigger fish then that one but it's my 1st one to it's quite special to me. It also tasted delicious, catching, cleaning and eating it all within an hour.

Here's a shot of the lake I was fishing at:
[Image: 9556625401_6195ba403b_o.jpg]

Which is located in the Okanagan, near Princeton, BC (location B on the map:
[Image: 9572512310_8460387232_o.jpg]

So that's my fish story for the day, let's see what fish talk others have...

[Image: 11619898803_7d3a89e6bd_n.jpg]
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I would love to participate in this discussion, but to be honest, I think I have held a fishing rod in my hand maybe one or two times in my life Tongue

Well, I may actually have something to add, my uncle was a fisherman (not fishman Tongue) actually, and I went with him on his boat when I was younger and dragged up huge amounts of fish from the nets he had lay out the day before. That was actually pretty fun, but I wasn't that keen on going up 3 am to get out on the sea, and I had to dress myself with a lot of layers of clothes to be able to withstand the cold. Even so, it was a fun experience Smile

My uncle with the rest of my relatives lives on Öland, and that's were the fishing took place (marked on the map).


And I live in Malmö and have actually done so for my entire life (down to the left in the map).
WOOHOO, a fishing thread. I spent a load of my boyhood days gutting fish.

[Image: home.png]

The index:
The red line marks the boundaries of our farm on this side of the river.
1: Crap pond. Small bass and little bullheads.
2: When I was about 10, my friend Joe and I caught a huge bass from here on clam meat. Took both of us to hold onto the rod and back away from the pond to catch it. Great day!!!
3: Tiny pond with a few good catfish. They are all small because it was so full of fish. Small, but tasty!
4: The Strip-pit. My neighbor Albert used to dig his own coal and sell it at a local market. When his last customer died in the 70's he sold his mule and let it fill up with water. It was brimming with bass and channel cat.
5: Swimming hole
6: My favorite trot-line spot. It is only knee deep, but I could catch more than I wanted to clean in just a few hours of doing nothing. Nice sized ones too. I could catch around five 5-10lb channel cats while I played Nintendo.
7: If you ever want a perfect spot, come here. A lazy river flows slowly past you while you sit in the shade of old trees on a shelf a couple feet off the water. Small cats just about to loose their spots here .. perfectly tasty.
8: Mary Snyder's perch pond. When I first asked her if I could fish in it, she didn't even know there was a pond there. I remember the day very clearly. The Iran-Contra hearings were going on and dad had just bought six wild-ass holstein heifers. He let them out of the trailer and they took off like they were leaving the planet! They jumped our fences like deer, ran across the road, jumped Mary's fences and made a dash for that pond. I got on my Honda 300 three-wheeler and took off after them. This is another story that ends six hours and five miles later. Anyway, I went to Mary's house to ask her if I could chase after them and she was watching Ollie North in front of Congress (I caught a little of it as I sat and had some lemonade). I asked her about the pond too. Later that week I caught a 10 inch perch there. That's freaking huge for a yellow perch!
9: The quickest catch ever. Or, maybe the easiest catch ever. I would go to Kenny Snyder's pond occasionally with nothing more than a rod and hooks. I would pull up the grass next to the trees and get worms. Fish in the shallows for perch and use the perch for catfish bait. I could catch my limit (all I wanted to clean) in here within 15 minutes. I took my best friend and his brother - oh, another funny story: When we went, it had been raining. The road through Kenny's field to get to the pond had a low spot that filled with water and Kenny didn't even take his tractor through for fear of getting it stuck in deep mud. Well, my friend Jimmy was bit fearless (and foolish) and decided he could make the twenty foot wide mud puddle in his 1980 Ford Fiesta (man we had some good times in that car). Well, his brother Joel and I thought better and decided to get out. Jimmy backed up about 100 feet and gave that little car hell. I have no idea how fast he was going, but he threw rooster tails probably 20 feet in the air as he glided his way across the unfathomable depths. I still can't believe God let him make it. On the way back, he didn't try it again. Anyway, while fishing that day, I broke Joel's 5-star Ugly Stick and 25lb test line on something big. It snapped at the base of the rod right in front of the reel. Musta hooked onto Champ!
10: Not listed and too lazy to re-edit and upload. Draw a line between 3 and 5. The 'O' in Little Osage River marks the spot where I caught a 5lb flat head on a home-made pop-can reel (no rod) with a worm and bobber in about two feet of water.

Ahhhh, my youth.
[insert witty text here]
Sounds like you had some interesting times there RK!

Here's some random fish image I found on a search...
[Image: fish_4.jpg]
[Image: 11619898803_7d3a89e6bd_n.jpg]
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BTW this thread is about more then fishing, it's about all things related to fish.
[Image: 11619898803_7d3a89e6bd_n.jpg]
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Speaking of all things related to fish, here's an interesting article about a rather bizarre fish pulled out of the sea by a guy and his kids while fishing near New Zealand.

[Image: BenIUPDCAAAqQ48.jpg]
[Image: 11619898803_7d3a89e6bd_n.jpg]
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wasn't sure if I should put this here or the funny video thread... fish won out (just)

(this guy is famous in the uk)
I guess that fits in either place just as well. Smile

Funny and about fish! HAHAHA
[Image: 11619898803_7d3a89e6bd_n.jpg]
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