Dwarf Fortress - ultimate dwarven simulation engine
Dwarf Fortress
Dwarf Fortress is a free single player fortress simulation game.

Dwarf Fortress is the granddaddy of mining games. It is perhaps the strongest example of gameplay-over-graphics. The game is incredibly complex and the graphics are incredibly simple. In fact, the default game is colored ASCII text. Graphics packages are available to download from the game forum (check out Pheobus' Graphics Set).

Dwarf Fortress attempts to be a simulation engine. Units do not have hit points, they have body parts. This includes bones, fat, muscle, nerves, arteries, and organs. A (un)lucky piercing hit to the skull can push the skull through the brain and kill nearly anything. The game has a working temperature and weather system. Items and creatures can melt or burn. And the game features some very true-to-life metallurgy. Example: silver's high density makes it a better blunt weapon than steel.

You must instruct your starting 7 dwarves to establish a worthy colony. Booze, food, shelter, happiness, and defense must all be provided. You can also export items of worth to attract additional dwarves to your fort to increase the size of your workforce or military.

Perhaps the hardest part of the game is fighting the game interface itself. Many tutorials exist all across the web to help overcome this obstacle. But once you overcome this obstacle, the rewards can be tremendous.

If you are interested in this game, I would suggest reading this article on the DF wiki.
If that sounds interesting to you, then you should play this game. Big Grin

The game is also famous for its detailed narratives. The game itself offers a very detailed combat log and descriptions of creatures. Some players have taken to narrating this further into full-blown stories. Boatmurdered is probably the most well-known example of this. Just search the web for it if you're curious.
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Dwarf Fortress - the ultimate dwarven simulation engine
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Dwarf Fortress is awesome. However, get ready for the steepest learning curve in recorded history. In fact, here is a snipet of what they call 'Fun' over at Bay12:

Quote:Losing is fun!

Either way, it keeps you busy.

There is no internal end point, single goal, final Easter egg or "You Win!" announcement in Dwarf Fortress. Therefore, eventually, almost every fortress will fall. The only ones that don't tend to be very conservative and very boring—and what fun is that? Therefore, DF = losing ∧ DF = fun ⇒ losing = fun, and that's okay! It's a game philosophy, so embrace it, own it, and have fun with it!

Most new players will lose their first few forts sooner rather than later; when you lose a fortress, don't feel like you don't understand the game. Dwarf Fortress has a steep learning curve, and part of the process (and fun!) is discovering things for yourself.

I enjoyed the game a fair amount was kinda happy trying to plod through the menus and process to simply feed and care for my dwarves .. I failed. Then, the attacks started. It was just monkeys at first, but later minotaurs. Just finding the right place to start is a real effort.

There are two things every DF newb needs to do:
  1. Youtube
  2. Lazy Newb Pack

After finding the Lazy Newb Pack, I started having loads more fun. As DwarvesAtWork stated, the community is overflowing with stories. I have troubles getting a farm going while other people tell stories of breeding sea monsters for food and profit just as a challenge!

I highly suggest this game to anyone who wants a crazy, super complex awesome simulation game.
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By the way, this is pretty much my favorite game of all time. Pretty weird coming from a graphics guy I guess Tongue
(28-01-2014, 06:17 PM)CobraMode Wrote: By the way, this is pretty much my favorite game of all time. Pretty weird coming from a graphics guy I guess Tongue

I haven't played Dwarf Fortress, but seen a lot of their videos. I can imagine you get a lot of inspiration playing it, thinking something like: "Hmm what if we put in a 3D model there instead of a #" Big Grin
I love it, obviously :p

I also highly recommend Stonesense in addition to the lazy newb pack

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