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Will be solved in a future version 0.6c - Wall barrels and wall painting
The wall barrels that can be placed in the cookery room atm cannot be turned to face the side you desire. Since other placed items have that option.. be cool to have that option too.
The other litle thing i noticed is that the paintings that can be placed on walls from the decoretions tab. Those placed paintings meld with wall and are not showing... well some parts are stiking out of wall and visible but most part of paintings are in wall.
Added to list of Bugs/Issues & Crashes!
I have been thinking about this one.. I could fix it now, but I feel like the issue lies a lot deeper. The issue is that the wall bricks goes a little bit outside the wall and therefore intersect with the wall paintings. To solve this I will have to adjust the wall paintings after the wall it is on, and this is a bad idea in general because I will probably have different walls in the future. I have to put this issue on hold until later.

The reason the wall barrels isn't turn-able is because it is possible to put a brewing vat on the same tile, which means that the player won't be able to turn one of them without turning the other. This will require some extra menus to be solvable. Therefore this issue will also be put on hold.

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