Favorite Things About Final Fantasy
So I figured I would do this so we could go there without keeping off topic in this thread, and so Sebt won't have a conniption. Just kiddin Sebt; I love how you keep things organized around here.

So, of course my favorite in this series was the seventh one. At the time it had some catchy graphics, but my favorite part about it was that your equipment had slots you would fill with 'Materia' which would level as you gained experience.

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So I really don't want this thread to disappear Smile
First of all FF10 is my absolute favorite of all the FF, I have played and completed FF5 -> FF12/13 Not sure about what the last one was in the series, I did also complete the FFX-2 where the player switch between three females from FFX, it was quite from FFX, but still fun. But I have avoided the online PC versions, I think that was FF11..

I usually don't like games that put to much effort to the story, but every Final Fantasy game has actually had so good graphics and storyline that I always got stuck after a couple of hours playing, and I mean really stuck Tongue
Another reason I really like FF (except the last one) is that the player has so much freedom, there is so many side quests that you can spend three times as much time on those than the main quests. That is why I liked FFX, it was possible to complete the game in 30 hours, but I managed to spend 300 hours on the game just doing sidequests, there were two ways to complete the game, firstly by following the main story, but there were another story that revealed itself if the player spent enough time solving side-quests.

Well let me just say to those that have played FFX, it is possible to break all boundaries and get a damage as high as 999.999 when the standard limit were at 9999. You can argue that it would be boring killing the final boss in one hit, but to complete the alternate ending you have to spend 2 hours trying to kill the final boss.

I can honestly say that FFX is the single player game that I have spent most time on ever and can remember with a smile Smile
Yeah, FFX was my second favorite, primarily because FF7 came out before it. The talent tree in FFX was one of my favorite parts about it because it added another layer of complexity to your progression. Will you take the path to the right to reach 'x' ability, or will you go left for 'y'? This gave you an opportunity to change the way you played the character each time you replayed.
Yeah, the talent tree was really fun, but I actually only played the game once. One thing I really liked about the talent tree was that some characters had it easier advancing at certain skills from the beginning, but in the end all characters could learn the same things if the game was played long enough. It was even possible to swap some of the talent points like str +1 to str +4 all over the talent tree, when the whole talent tree was replaced the characters was unstoppable Tongue

Did you visit the "arena" in the calm lands? (Not sure if it was called arena, but the place you could fight mini bosses of all creature types)
I've only played a few of them. The standouts to me were definitely VII and the first. I was thrilled when they re-released the first on game boy advance as Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls. I've played through that quite a few times now. My favorite part of it was the fact that the story didn't drive party selection at all.

I also played just a little bit of Final Fantasy Legends on game boy. I remember feeding weapons and armor to robots to make them stronger, but that's about it.
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Oh yeah! Always loved the arena feature, although I can't remember now if that mechanic was in all the games. It would generally be a good way to get tokens like in FF7 to improve gear or get special items. I wouldn't be surprised if that feature wasn't like Cid, who always seemed to be there despite the divergent story lines. That was another thing I really liked about the series is that it didn't really follow a story line throughout. While the stories had similar elements, it didn't take place in the same world which could really allow the series to go wherever the developers wanted because you weren't following a set of characters.

Maybe including a level in the game that made use of an arena in order to progress would be a cool idea...
Yeah, the arena was something I always looked forward to in every final fantasy. There were always bosses that was impossible to kill if going on side quests, and the arena gave the player the possibility to level up and return to kill those creatures.

This really takes me back Smile Have you ever had the feeling that when you reach a point in final fantasy, like the arena for example, that you get a huge smile on your face and just need to take a break and go a brew some coffee and think about all the things you want to do there before you sit down and start doing it, it is like savouring the moment Tongue
Yes!!! I take my coffee black, and strong! Games where I had to keep a notepad handy have always been my favorite, and having to plan out a strategy is always a plus. One of my retirement strategies (decades down the road mind you) is the first day of retirement, I'm breaking out FF1 and going through the entire series excluding the online versions of course.

I hadn't realized since I kinda fell off after FFX2 that they released another online FF. Looks kinda cool, but I think I'm done with monthly subscription games for a while...
never actually played any FF games *braces for impact* but is truely a series I keep meaning to play...... also a demo of FF XIII-3 came out today
I hope they redeem themselves to that series because while X was awesome, I have tried to play X2 on several occasions and never got more than a couple hours into it. I guess seeing how this is coming out next month, I may want to suck it up and run through it so I know where the story goes...

Could you post the link to the demo?
not got a link sadly.... took a small look and only place I can find the demo is on PSN
Ah ok thx, I'll prolly check it out in a week or two after I can drudge through X2...
Seen this one? 8 hours on just FFXIII, not that surprising though, that FF had more straight storyline than any other FF Tongue

Nah, watched the first part up to the boss fight. I prolly could sit there and watch the nearly 9 hours of it, but I haven't played this one yet so I don't wanna know too much about the story line. That's one thing I've really enjoyed about the series as a whole is that they really put a lot of effort into the graphics. Especially the more recent titles, they really do an awesome job!

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