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Ok let's just say that EPs = EP, so EP means just Evil Points, that would look more esthetic. Tongue

Seriously Unserious Wrote:IMO the more creatures you have though, the more EP you should need per creature to be worthy of their obedience. For some creatures like imps, goblins(or whatever is used as cheap fodder creature) and orcs this should be a relatively slow increase, but for major creatures such as Ladies of Pain and other powerful and very highly evil creatures, thus could increase more rapidly per creature.

Very good idea. For example: 1 Goblin's upkeep is 100, second - 120, etc. after obtaining 1 Lady of Pain that would need 1200, the upkeep of 3rd Goblin would jump to 180! So to have 3 Goblins and 1 Lady of Pain you would need 100 + 120 + 1200 + 180 = 1600 EP per time unit. Is it that about you thought SU?
This would avoid having big amount of creatures and we has to choose very carefully wich we need more, self balancing game, great! Smile

Rasmus "Rocket Keyboard" a.k.a Ralleman Wrote:Hmm, one thing to bare in mind is that I would probably want a balance with the EP, that not everything done will increase it, if something drains the EP we would be able to balance the game, like having EP drained when expanding the dungeon to fast or something like that.

Coming back to previous paragraph - this system would avoid EP overloading, because you could lose your points by:
- losing a creature (by enemy or by your fault!), tile, room, trap, Dark Mother, everything that is claimed by you equal to points you can get for making/claiming them + 10%, so for example loosing Metal works room that would need 50 EP per tile, that is 3x3 and have 2 x Iron Smelters that it's EP upkeep costs 120 EP each - you need (3 x 3 x 50) + (2 x 120) = 450 + 240 = 690 EP.
If it comes to tiles you can get x2 EP per enemy tile, instead of 1 that you could earn from claming no one's path... Maybe change x2 to x1.5 for better balance.
- Loosing whole room will cost you 690 + 10%, so 690 + (690*0.1) = 690 + 69 = 759 <- this number of EP you will lose losing this room. Evil is losing something? How pathetic, you need to be punished, so you'll lose more EP, buhahahaha!
- if converted in torture room enemy will dead you gain only 10% of what you could get if you convert this creature to your side. Also if the creature would be freed (also in prison room!) you could lose some of your EP - very nasty punishment!
- if you won't kill enemy creature, so just stun it to be able grab that creature to your prison you won't get any EP for that, only if you kill it, but! If your creature will be imprisoned and then converted to enemy side you will lose your EPs hard, for example the same amount of EP that is needed to make loosed creature + 50% of it's upkeep!
- special power that I've described in my last post (Hellpowers) could drain EP normally - maybe EP could be a kind of mana then too? If points would be generated continuously (which shouldn't generate too much EP) this would avoid having too much EP that would threatening your expansion.

Everything is about balancing it well.

Seriously Unserious Wrote:Also, while increasing the size of your territory should increase your EP, having a big territory should also require some EP to maintain, so that you also need to build rooms and creatures to truly get the benefits of a large territory, and could even start having the EP demands of a large territory even begin to surpass the benefits if you aren't able to build the right sort of rooms, creatures and/or constructs to assert your will over the area.

Well expanding territory would be the most basic method to gather EP, but yes. Some things could cost you EP so it would be possible to have less EP than you've gather from claiming territories. Then having big territories to be cost-effective should give us benefits, these could be:
- as bigger is your territory as faster are your Imps.
- as bigger is your territory as faster your Imps digging.
- as bigger is your territory as your Imps needs less time to dig out blocks.
- as bigger is your territory as more resources you can get from one block - but in this case you would really need it big to get twice more resources.
- as bigger is your territory as your sources of water, plants etc exhaust less.
Choice how many of them would be there. Smile

Mastergoose Wrote:Maybe you get certain points after clearing a dungeon or so which will be added to your account.

This is good idea. Also if you've played DK 1 or DK 2 you had many factors that sums up with your overall score. Than number of EP depending on how much potentially you can gather in a map would be summed up with your score using specific equation. Maybe this would calculate with your account overall points then? Smile

Mastergoose Wrote:You mean, we can be standard Evil or Uberdemonic! Tongue

Rasmus "Rocket Keyboard" a.k.a Ralleman Wrote:But I do also like the evil meter you presented, having a neutral point between good and evil to start with, maybe the creatures will be weaker if their master is to good and stronger if their master is evil and so on.

Well it's a good idea too! By what I mean by "you can be Evil or Good, be more by Miners or Protectors side (if we would have factions), a reputation meter that could give some benefits of being more by someone's side, something like this" is to apply reputation meter that would influence gathering your EP.

For example on the map there are 3 good factions of creatures and 2 evil. Killing good, but being evil gives you reputation in evil factions, from which you could get some benefits (maybe cheaper units, having them by your side when enemy would attack you, if it comes to EP - you could get more them if you has evil factions by your side, just because of that etc. What do you think?). Killing evil being an evil could influence gathering EP - having good by your side being evil is mind blowing, so you lose your EP just because you have them by your side - sometime you wouldn't have a choice, this is another very hard element of strategy you could have.
At the beginning you have 0% of anyone's reputation, if you want one of the side to by on your side you would need have 60-70% of reputation meter.

Rasmus "Rocket Keyboard" a.k.a Ralleman Wrote:I don't know if anyone of you have played "The Last Remnant", but that game had a "moral" bar, when the player lost battles the moral got lower and the characters did lower damage, and vice versa. The player could of course cast spells to turn it around. But it made it fun because meeting even low level creatures when the moral was to low could be hard.

You mean by having morale meter globally? Like in FIFA games? Hmm maybe if we would have EP decreasing on our EP Meter that would affect creatures morale? Their morale could be lowering by happiness meter, so you wouldn't need to have global morale meter, which I didn't like in FIFA games to be honest, each unit/person is individual, depending on it's Nature (that I've suggest we could implement), factors that raises happiness like regular paying, entertainmens for these which lower happiness like walking on dead ally body, lack of entertainment etc. and other stuff which would regulate morale level. What do you think about that?
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