Dwelvers Journal 2014.01.17 - Excuse me, have you seen my Imps?
Newsletter - 17 Jan 2014 - Excuse me, have you seen my Imps?

I have been pretty occupied with the GUI lately, I know, showing updates of menus are said to be the most boring updates, so I decided to spice it up a little with some minor updates as well Wink

Welcome to Dwelvers little naive fellow


Yes, the old imp have been replaced with this new one made by our 3D artist CobraMode, I have gotten a lot of complaints about the previous imps not holding the same quality as the rest of the creatures (maybe it was because it was me that modelled him Tongue) , so we have decided to make a new imp that is even cuter Smile

The message system


As seen here the menu have changed a bit, it is not flawless but I think it goes a lot better with the general style in the game than the previous one that had its own GUI style that matched nothing else in the game. The player will get notified when the baking table gets disconnected from the rest of the dungeon and what he should do to fix the problem. There is also a possibility to zoom in on the event and delete the message if the player don't want to do anything about it. When the problem is solved the messages will be deleted automatically, so if the player deletes it before it is solved it is on his conscience. The menu is also categorised into three parts, that is "Battle messages", "Creature needs messages" and "Production chain messages", so there are a lot more to expect of the message system than it warning of bread shortage.


I thought that it would be a little bit annoying having to enter the menu each time a new message come up, therefore I made shortcut-message-icons shown on the left. It will show the most recent message in the top left and the once that are older will be put below each other. If the player hover one of these icons with the mouse (in this case I hovered a battle message), then the message will expand and the player will be able see the full message, and he also have the option to zoom in on the event that triggered the message. Hopefully this will make it a lot easier for the player to keep the control over his dungeon.



As seen in the top right of all the screenshots so far the compass have been replaced with a minimap. This minimap shows height differences by brightness, and the colours represent the rooms and the claimed paths. The player also have the possibility to see his own creatures walking around as green dots, and the enemies as red dots. The fog of war is of course affecting the minimap as well, so no cheating there Wink

That is all for now, I do have some other updates to share with you guys and gals as well, but I don't want to show them all at once Smile
Good stuff! Having the ability to quickly go to a problem area especially battles is nice, but I think the term 'Zoom In' is a bit misleading. Perhaps in stead 'Jump To' or 'Locate'? Also with the mini-map, it would be nice to see the room containing the Dark Mother could be differentiated somehow. Perhaps a dim flash on the room, and when you are out of focus with her, the mini-map has an area that points the direction to the Dark Mother?
Hahaha those imps are so cool! Also love the rest!
I agree with Mello that 'Zoom In' might not be the right term for it, even though everyone will know what it meansTongue
Yeah, almost forgot about the Imps...I wonder what they would look like with larger pupils, being underground and all...
This is great!

I agree that the phrase "zoom in" doesn't exactly describe what that feature does, "zoom to" would be more appropriate. In addition to what Mellow and MG have suggested, I'll add that I'd like to see some sort of compass back, even a north arrow, that rotates around the map as you rotate the screen to indicate which way is north. That's in addition to Mellow's suggestion of an arrow pointing to the dark mother and a highlight colour on the DM's room.

I love the new imps, but I still must say I'll miss the old ones with the big coal-black eyes.
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The Golden One!
(18-01-2014, 02:04 AM)Seriously Unserious Wrote: I love the new imps, but I still must say I'll miss the old ones with the big coal-black eyes.


I say somewhere in the game, once it has been completed, one of the original Imps should be hidden in a small 2x2 room which you can find for old times sake.
I like "Jump To", lets go with that one Smile
I will ask Ameena later if she is interested in spell checking all the text, I know I have made some grammar errors here and there :S

Yeah, at first I wanted the new imps to have the black eyes as well, mostly because they don't have the "bone structure" needed for them to perform blinking or eye-movements, but now I used an external model for the eyelid and it worked out okay. Yeah, maybe a high level imp could get the coal black eyes Wink
Yeah. I noticed you did keep the head candles at least. Smile
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After one day of work, I did it...

What I did?
  • I merged The-List-of-Already-Suggested-Ideas with Suggestion-Templates-&-Guideline and formed one thread from them: Suggestion Guideline & The BIG List of Ideas,
  • Added new graphics there and one in Bug lists,
  • Remade ALL Suggestion Templates,
  • Added Hydraulics as a new category, so now we can clearly distinguish them from Constructions,
  • Remade Suggestion Guideline completely, now is clear, short (we love short rules, don't we?),
  • Updated whole The BIG List of Ideas,
  • Added to each categories longer description and links to website where you can read more about each of features.
  • Changed order of The BIG List of Ideas - there are many Game Mechanics, now their list is just behind Modification list that is 1st there.
  • Upgraded navigation menus.

If you guys have any suggestions for the lists (of suggestions or bugs) please let me know that. Smile

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That's definitely a huge improvement, Sebt. IMO the earlier version of the suggestion template thread was too complex, and in my experience complexity comes from a lack of understanding. If something is understood, then it becomes simple, so if people were finding the previous version too complex, that means most didn't understand it. That I find the new system much simpler means I understand it better now. Which means you're doing a good job of communicating your what you wanted to. Wink

One suggestion I have though, is to include the links to the templates both in the Suggestion category posts and in the first or second post, so they're easier to find, from multiple different places.
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Thank you for kind words. Big Grin

Hmm, yes I think I'll add templates to the first post, in second I prefer to have only navigation - first post will have it so templates will be clearly noticable. I think I'll put at the top of each lists, adequate to category a template instead of having it at the bottom of the list, thanks to the possibility to insert attachements into post it's doable.

EDIT: Done. Wink
Spec: Win 10, ATI 7800 HD, res: 1280x1024x75. I support The Venus Project & Resource-Based Economy
This is something that really deserves a +2, thanks Sebt Smile

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