Feedback/Modification I & S - Disable Edge Scrolling
Disable Edge Scrolling

It would be useful to be able to disable edge scrolling. I have never liked to have the edge scrolling option on on most games that have additional methods of panning the camera. most games that use edge scrolling offer some way to disable it.

Highlight: Disabling edge scrolling option.
Function: Edge scrolling is frustrating when you are playing the game in windowed mode or if you are accustomed to not having to worry about letting your mouse drift to the edge while issuing commands.
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I agree this is quite frustrating when for example you have to play in window mode, like I often had to play games on WINE for Linux in window...
I think we can do that change, but what you propose to be able to scroll layout in different directions instead of edge scrolling? Smile

Oh and added this to Ideas & Game Features list.
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I agree with you there, I usually prefer to disable edge scrolling most of the time myself.
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Welcome to the forum rulitawyn, this was such a small request that I have already put the option in the game Smile
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