My New Idea Room Ideas - Buildings for Metalworks Room/Workshop
Now that we soon will have a sewing machine in the game (maybe another name would be more appropriate) I had to think over the crafting system. This is what I came up with:

There will be some basic armours and weapons in the game:

Hide armour
Items required for crafting: "Leather", "Rope"
At building: "Sewing Machine"

Leather armour
Items required for crafting: "Hide armour", "Leather", "Rope"
At building: "Sewing Machine"

Iron armour
Items required for crafting: "Hide armour", "Iron Ingots", "Rope"
At building: "Forge and Anvil"

Wooden Club
Items required for crafting: "Wood", "Rock", "Rope"
At building: "Workbench"

Barbarian Sword
Items required for crafting: "Wood", "Iron Ingot", "Rope"
At building: "Forge and Anvil"

I can't say I am not interested in introducing the pole tuner as SU introduced here:, it would serve well with almost any weapon or armour that requires wood.

Another step on the way would be that we would have a sawmill, so the wood would either go as fuel, to the poleturner, or to the sawmill. But right now I am sticking to the to-do list, we will see if there will be some time over, otherwise these ideas may be introduced in future updates..
That looks reasonable. I think having the basic mechanics in place and working is the most important part. Things can always be tweaked later if need be, and having a good foundation to stem from will make it easier to do so. About the only thing I would change here is the spelling of Hide.
Done and done Big Grin
Almost perfect, now just add these little thingies for me: A huge Scythe and an armor made from the skin of a thousand enemies called "the skin of evil" muhahaha.
Haha, maybe in the future when such an item wouldn't create a huge imbalance to the game Tongue

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