My New Idea Room Idea - Armory

A room to store weapons and armor, as well as equip units.

I imagine this as a room with weapons and armor racks each made for the type of weapon they hold (although a sword could fit in the same rack as a spear, but not a bow for example). Armor would be on tables if foldable, otherwise would be on a stand.

These would be decorative in order to represent those items being stored there, or they could represent a stock of those items delivered to the room by your Imps.

You would be able to set the equipment in a similar way to the image below.

[Image: Fxh6.jpg]

You would select this by accessing an option in the circular menu you get by right-clicking inside the room. The 'Train Creature' option would bring up a new window like this above, and show you all creatures 'assigned to' (game mechanic discussed prior, but still not a feature) the Armory. Using the arrows next to the creature you could scroll through the roster, and with the creature selected you would be able to train them as a bowman, axeman, swordsman, ect. A status window would show you how much of a weapon/armor you have. You could also for instance bring a swordsman here to claim upgraded equipment.

Highlight: Distribute weapons and armor, train warrior class: bow, sword, spear, etc, and upgrades.
Function: Creatures would go here to set the equipment they will wear into battle. Even if creatures have a preferred weapon, an Orc for instance may choose to use a 2-hand axe instead of a sword; sacrificing DEF but increasing STR. The preferred weapon would provide better DPS and HIT chance.
Room Type: Building &Decoration.
Affiliate to: Metal Works Room/Tailor (to be outlined later)
Place: Ground
Cost: TBD
This is a good idea and based on the way you describe it, could also be affiliated with, or combined with the existing training room, seeing as this room would be taking over the function of the training room.
[Image: 11619898803_7d3a89e6bd_n.jpg]
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I agree SU, if a room only would have a minor usage I would like to combine it with another room, like my future plans to combine the prison room and the torture chambers.
Anyway added to Ideas & Game Features list. Wink
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