Hi All,

Jadeia here. I'm a YouTuber and have really been enjoying this game. I've been doing a series of videos on it as well, and on one of my latest videos someone commented I should come across to the forums and get involved in some feedback and suggestions.

Just wanted to say hi and that I will definitely be getting involved with this community as Dwelvers is one of my favourite games.

Hey, welcome to the group. I'm sure this will get moved over to the Introductions thread, but glad to have another YouTuber join us. Perhaps you could give us a link to your channel so we don't have to go find it? I've seen some of the videos you have already posted on the game and they look great!
Thanks for joining us. Welcome to Dwelvers community! Smile

Very nice gameplay, I was really woried if you would be able to end the video, but heh, yes, Dwelvers is a quite addictive game, huh?

I'm looking forward to your next videos about Dwelvers, very nice work and thank you very much for support! Smile

P.S. I've added you to our special group of Game Vloggers, so now you're "orange" here and also be enlisted on our Forum Team. Big Grin

Edit: Moved thread to Introductions. Wink
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@jadeia: Welcome to the forum! Cool

I'm looking forward to seeing what comments and suggestions you have for the game. I'd also like to get a link to your youtube channel.
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Welcome to the forum Smile

Really nice Dwelvers videos I must point out, that you play them for such a long time and give yourself the freedom to make mistakes is something that really helps me out when finding flaws in the game or making things more apparent.

Great job! Right now I'm going to check out EP. 7 Tongue

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