Feedback/Modification Equipment Mechanic & Construction Idea - Designing Equipment from Blueprints & Racks
(26-01-2014, 12:26 PM)Sebt Wrote:
[Image: 6918_Armor_Stand.jpg]

I like this one, the racks can hold weapons just like the creatures hold them in their hands. This would work very well with one handed and two handed weapons. Not sure about shields, my main concern here is that the shields will take up to much room and intersect with the items next to it.

[Image: DA_Plc_Armour_Stand.jpg]

This image caught my attention, by having a armour rack we can cloth it from top to bottom just like the creatures, and it should always look good. The only downside is that if the player wants to spam and store body armours for example he will have to create one rack per body armour.

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