My New Idea Creature Idea - Golem

A creature that can be spawned on a special summoning tile. It only cost a bit of stone and some iron, but it won't do anything unless possessed and can only be summoned once in a while.


[Image: stoneGolem.jpg]

Pic.1. Simply a stone body that moves. It could glow and leave a short particle trail, but that's up to the developers to decide. (I don't own this picture!)

Highlight: Solely meant for the player to possess and does nothing unless it is.
Acquired By: Evil.
Cost: Stone (20) Iron (3).
Attack Form: Melee, Golem swings it's arms to bash the enemy.
Weapon: Rocks... actually it's hands but still.
Attack Power: Below High.
Defense: High.
Health Points: Moderate.
Attack Speed: Above Low.
Movement Speed: Moderate.
Resistances: Physical 20%/Magical 5%.
Job: Being possessed by the player.
Entertainment: Doesn't need it.

Passive abilities:
None. Golem is never passive.

Active Abilities:
(A1) Shock-wave - Damage all nearby targets, Defined by range (Enemies in Area), About 3 tiles in all directions, A ring of energy flares outwards from the Golem, Knocks all affected away from the Golem, 5 seconds, 20 seconds.
(A2) self destruct - Golem will explode when killed, Defined by range (Enemies in Area), one tile in all directions, an explosion that consumed the Golem, Light enemies on fire, none, non applicable.
Added your idea to Ideas & Game Features list, also I encourage to check there another existing Golems, one of them has similar ability to explode when defeated, but the rest is different. Thanks for suggestion! Wink

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I completely forgot to check the ideas that everyone else already posted... I was excited to share my idea... (Insert awkward silence here)
Yeah, I love how you can possess your minions in this game and see the dungeon from their perspective. My Golem idea was meant to encourage players to take an active roll.

It's good to hear that my idea was an original spin on a classic too.

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