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Brainstorm Creature Mechanic - Creature production - Ideas needed!
Currently all the creature are produced out of items, the Orcs out gold and beer, the Imps out of coal.. But this is just something that works as a placeholder for now.

As seen I had a lot more items in mind, and also some lifestock that was going to be thrown in with the items. Personally I'm not that fond of just creating Orcs out of gold and beer, something tells me that the mix is missing some meat Tongue

Of course, as the production chain increases it will be a lot easier solve that issue. But we are also been having some other ideas. Why I think it is so important to get this straight once and for all is because I want to update the orginal list as seen in the link above with the new creatures, items, buildings and traps that have been suggested. The old list is solid, and the creatures produced with items that are on the same level as the creatures. Which would give the game some balance.

So I, Ameena, BurningPet and Sebt had a discussion about this yesterday the following ideas came forth. I will discuss the plus sides and the negative sides of the ideas, but I will not say what was mostly preferred because that could make the discussion about these ideas bias.

One thing that is clear, is that to create a creature we will need to sacrifice some items.

Idea 1:
As it is now, just using items to create creatures.

Idea 2:
We discussed having creatures as sacrificing as well, like throwing in two imps together with some other items would create an Orc, that idea resembles the original idea I had for producing creatures. The downside is that the player may think that why should I create 2 imps to just re-feed them to the dark mother to create an orc? Why can't I just throw in enough materials too create two imps together with the orc items to create an orc directly? So to solve that idea we could force the player to level up the imps to level 4 before they can be re-feed and be able to work as materials for creating the orc.

Idea 3:
This made us come into a discussion about not sacrificing our own creatures, maybe the enemy creatures could work as a food source instead. The low level creatures could maybe be created by items, while the higher level creatures would require enemy bodies as materials to be produced. The plus side here is that we don't need to sacrifices our own creatures and the prison would also get to a good use. The downside is that enemies is a limited resource, and not being able to create more creatures just because there are not enough enemies is something that could be a real problem.

Idea 4:
What if we had a meat-grinder of some sort in the prison room, we can take enemy creatures that have been imprisoned and grind them in the meat-grinder to make them drop specific items that only specific creatures can drop. Like a horn from the cyclotaur for example. These items could then be used as a food source for creating new creatures. The plus side here is that we only feed the Dark Mother with items, meaning that we don't need to mix in creatures in the Dark Mother menu when putting together the ingredients. Another plus side is that we could use these creature items as a ingredients for creating items and such. But the downside is still that the enemies is a limited resource.

Idea 5:
This was an idea just thrown in, but I thought I could mention it again. Rats, fishes, pigs and enemies are all made out of meat. So if these were feed to the dark mother a meat meter would fill up. Then to produce creatures we would need to use up a certain amount of this meat together with the items in idea 1. The upside is that I can't see any direct issues with this. The downside is that it is pretty unimaginative comparing to the other ideas Tongue

Idea 6:
Many of these ideas had the issue that the enemies are a limited resource. So what if the meatgrinder took the dna from the the enemies when they were being grinded, meaning that once we have grinded one creature we could reproduce him somehow, or reproduce the item he dropped. If we were to reproduce this creature then we can't just use items, because that would take us back to square one and just add more complexity to the problem. So in that case we would have to use up something like EP points or something else that is replenish-able. The plus side is that we could make unlimited number of creatures with this solution, the downside is that it can be to many steps involved to create a creatures, and also, it would imply that all creature types always are available on the map to make it possible to create all the creature types.

There were some other idea here.. But these were the main ideas, and I feel like these could be a good starter Smile

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