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Brainstorm Creature Mechanic - Creature production - Ideas needed!
(30-01-2014, 02:09 PM)Rikus Khan Wrote: Hmm, I want the process of making creatures to be somewhat grotesque. My mind keeps racing back to the scene in Lord of the Rings when the Oruki hatch. I like the idea of the Dark Mother spitting them out after being fed .. it is gross enough. How about an idea thread on a different path? How about the DM (Dark Mother) spits out an embryo or larva or egg (or maybe it crawls out .. maybe it eats the first imp it sees .. who comes running for it to carry it to it's incubator (special kind of room).

The lowest level guys (called orcs for now) could come from eggs. No eating of imps and no upkeep. They need to be placed near a warm fire or in a bubbling mud bath (volcanic). They hatch, roar, run for the table (devoring twice as much food as normal). Maybe if there is not enough food or table space, they will eat an imp .. or at least chase one around until food/table is ready. The kind of room you put them in determines what they will be when they hatch. They only cost what an egg costs .. and it would be cheap.

Wizards or other human-ish creatures could come from babies. They cry until an imp takes them to their crib (I am thinking the crying is to alert the player of a new arrival .. not lasting for ever!!!) .. or play pen .. which could be specific for the adult you want to train (meaning you need the ability to turn off the play pens you don't want it going to .. or once it pops out click on it and specify where you want it to go or become). The wizard could have a little library or chemistry set or something wizardly. The dark Maiden type chick many of us have talked about could be put into a play pen with a rack, iron maiden, or other torture stuff to play with. This idea expands with other creatures of this sort.

More fantastical creatures could come in larval form and come squirming out of the DM. These creatures come ravenous out of the DM and want sustenance NOW! They will eat the first living food source that comes near (imagine the dark comedy of seeing one of your orcs beating a larva off it's leg .. just a thought). This could be an imp or a Knight (which could kill it easily) or it could be a captured hero (imps won't go near as long as you have a hero in your prison .. otherwise they will happily do the DM's bidding by 'caring' for her newest baby). These creatures also need a special room and they need feeding. The types of food (bread, beer, flesh, raw antroot, wood, stone, iron, gold, ingots, fish, etc.) could determine the creature you make. Turn on stone only and get a stone golem, gold gives you a dragon, the combos you get from turning on certain materials and leaving others off (default state is off) quickly skyrockets. If you vary the amounts required for each resource you quickly approach a total number of possible combinations of millions of different combos easily within reach .. infinity is also a possibility if you wanted to go there (but who wants -1/12 creatures .. sorry, math joke). Also, you can adjust the level of the creature coming out of the larva .. lets say ten stone makes a golem. You have the option of hatching (pupating or whatever you want) or you have the option of adding another level with the cost of gold. So, thirty stone (ten for level one and twenty for level two) and one gold gives you a level two golem. Also, you have the option with this of making different kinds of subspecies. Let's say twenty gold gives you a dragon; twenty gold and twenty beer give you a poison breathing dragon. Adding twenty wood to the other will give you a fire breathing dragon. This method will allow a player to utilize the resources they have in abundance and give the dev near infinite amounts of wiggle room for tweaking playability, future (creature) updates (DLC), and the added fun of (something I have been thinking of adding a request for) custom maps (I'll quit here or the topic will quickly spiral out of control .. I will add my own thread). Also, certain creatures could take over what ever room they are in when they pupate. Think about a giant spider taking over a room it cannot get out of .. instant good guy trap .. maybe even bad guy trap .. watch out!

The idea of having special rooms for each kind (or for each) baby fits into the theme better I think. Also, you can build any baby, egg, or larva you want from the beginning at minimal cost (coal, beer, bread, rock .. whatever). The resources needed to produce a dragon might be out of your reach and the larva might be dying or mutating out of your control due to not feeding it. This balances the game. Yes, you can start to build a dragon in the first seconds of the game .. no you don't want to (this sound like a Fun story akin to Dwarf Fortress).


I like your idea *Thumbs up*
I dont know if this is possible to implement but the idea is great!


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