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Brainstorm Creature Mechanic - Creature production - Ideas needed!
Welcome to the forum TopperHarley Smile

Yeah, it is a lot to implement and a lot that could interfere with the gameplay. But I really like the egg idea, the texture and the size of the egg could determine what creature are in there. This would save me a lot of time as well, because that would mean that the "spewing out" animation that the creature have could be avoided. Not saying that it takes to much time to do it, but when the animation has been made there are very little room for changes without having to redo the whole thing.

The hatching and specific rooms could be assigned to their beds, but I am not sure I am 100% with this idea, I like that it would be some delay for certain creatures to hatch, because then the player can't just create 10+ orcs as soon as a enemy approaches, but the whole carrying thing and tending to the egg could be a little bit to tedious, especially in emergency situations.

Giving extra materials to the Dark Mother to spew out a extra level creature is an interesting idea, but it would bring us back to the former menu where the player feed the dark mother with material, and then in a extra menu decided what she would do with the material. It could of course be more simple than that like that the player have an extra option somewhere for every creature created what level it should be created in, but that could also be a little confusing and not straight forward enough, especially as creature cost varies depending on how many creatures of the same type is already on the map. I don't think this idea will be implemented as personally I prefer having the creatures created at lowest level and then they will have to train for more experience. If I were to implement something like this I think a crafting table would be the right way to go in the Dark Mother menu, because that would also support the extra abilities given to the creatures. But once again the issue with more expensive creature depending on the number of creatures owned would interfere.

If I had a special room for each kind of creature it would require a lot of rooms, probably more rooms that I have planned to make so far. So I think that would be a little bit to much work versus the reward it gives.

Well, as said, I like the egg idea, so that is something I will probably implement as it has a lot of advantages. But the issue still remains if we should feed the Dark Mother with enemy creatures. As I see it, the only thing suggested so far that could work and is balanced enough is the we refeed our own creature when they have reached a certain level to the Dark Mother with extra materials to create even stronger creatures.

This is my idea of having it balanced. All items have a level, items that are dug out would be level 1, items that are created out of the dug out items would be level 2, and when those items are mixed to create other items they would be level 3. It is all about how high up they are in the production chain, the higher up they are the harder it is to create them.

So now we have the creatures, those creatures that are made out of level 1 items and nothing else would be level 1 creatures. Level 2 creatures are those that are created out of level 2 items and a couple of level 1 creatures that have reached a certain level, and the level 3 creatures are created out of level 3 items and a couple of the level 2 creatures that have reached a certain level. This makes it very hard to get the really high level creatures, but it is still possible to create them as long as the player has the basic materials.

SU said earlier that a link was inaccessible, that was a topic a created showing of the ideas I had when I first started making this game. But I decided to remove the topic because it could be confusing having it there as people may thing that the ideas there is something I have planned for the future. I will repost the topic soon again once I have made it up to date. But to show you all what I mean I will repost the creature ideas I had then:

Basic Creatures:
Imp (1x Tool Belt + 4x Dirt)
Pig goblin (1x Pig + 1x Sword)
Cow goblin (1x Cow + 1x Sword)
Skeleton (6x Bones + 1x Crystal)
Vampire (3x Corps + 3x Crystal + 1x Chain armor + 1x Sword + 2x Mana potion)
Dark dwarf (1x Pig + 5x Beer + 1x Axe + 1x Leather armor + 1x Shield)
Fire fly (1x Chicken + 1x Fire bomb + 1x Dirt + 1x oil)
Rock golem (10x Rock + 10x Dirt)
Dark elves (1x corps + 5x Crystal + 1x Bow + 1x chain armor + 5x oil + 5x Mana potion)
Poison blob (10x Dirt + 1x Poison bomb)
Fire blob (10x Dirt + 1x Fire bomb)

Advanced Creatures:
Iron golem (1x Rock golem + 10x Iron)
Master Goblin (1x Goblin (lv 4) + 1x Shield + 1x Plate armor)
Dark Angel (1x Vampire (lv 4) + 5x chickens + 10x Gold coin + 1x Crystal armor + 1x Shield)
Juggernaut (1x Dark dwarf (lv 4) + 5x Beer + 3x stamina potion + 1x Axe + 1x Plate armor)
Bone phoenix (10x Fire fly + 10x skeletons + 5x oil + 5x fire bomb)
Dominator (1x Dark elf (lv 7) + 2x Whip + 1x Plate armor + 10x health potion + 10x fire bomb)

Master Creatures:
Magma golem (2x Iron golem + 10x Crystal + 5x Lava)
Titan (1x Dominator (lv 10) + 2x Juggernaut (lv 4))
Reaper (1x Dark Angel (lv 10) + 1x Bone phoenix (lv 7))

Grand Master Creature:
Demigod (1x Magma golem (lv 10) + 1x Titan (lv 10) + 1x Reaper (lv 10))


So as seen here the "Advanced Creatures" needs "Basic Creatures" to be created, and the "Master Creatures" needs "Advanced Creatures" to be created and so forth.

If you don't like this idea, please let me know, nothing is hammered in stone yet. But I do need ideas that will not imply to many game mechanic changes and that are balanced. This is not me being lazy, it is just that I think it is the best way to do it so that we don't go to much a head of ourselves. Once the ideas have been implemented we can start adding new ideas to those ideas.

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