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This is about what I thought about next method, to have Laboratory where you can breed even plant creatures that you could use in battle later, but idea about mixing two species is interesting. Don't know if we could manage to make so much new models unless they would normally exist in the game.

(02-02-2014, 10:26 AM)Seriously Unserious Wrote: IMO there should be one worker type and one fighter type that can be created from internal dungeon resources, so as not to upset the balance of the game totally or create the possibility of unwinnable maps. All maps should have at least the possibility of winning them if the right strategies are used.

I agree, they should. My idea says that Imps are workers that works on basic things and you can make them easily, because you need to find any animal or creature from you can make new Imps, because they cost only 1 Life Essence. First creature workers could also come from animals/weak creatures at the beginning and they would be easy to find, what's more you have their creature's type Organs which if you would put for later when you got more Evil Points to unlock new creatures you could make nice army. So for example if you find a Rat you could make a creature from Rat Organs that is available in menu, we can make one as a Rat Blacksmith, other as simple wall digger, other as spellcaster, later even a strong warrior etc.

I think that every map should have any creatures a developer that are easy to catch and because there could not be some species on the map other species could give you chance to win the same like you would have creatures that are not available on the map.
I don't like in games that some of creatures are so strong then weaker starts to be useless and always these stronger will be favourite, so for what making weaker then, right?

Creatures usefulness in my idea is not depending on their cost, but on upkeep, equipment upgrades and needs as also their abilities, so even mega Cyclotaur could be easily owned by Ratmen that is well equipped and has very strong abilities against Cyclotaur.
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