Brainstorm Creature Mechanic - Creature production - Ideas needed!
What could we ELSE do with our shakin'-pants prisoners? - additional methods:

Stealing Happiness and Blood Method
- With this method you can make creatures from other parts of the underworld that you can call from... prisoners.
- When you do a right-click on prisoner you can open a circle menu and from the one of few options there you can chose "Call a Demon", then from many different (depending on prisoner's creature type) creatures available we chose one, let it be a Magog.
- After clicking OK, that you're sure you want to make a Demon creature from this creature, there is send an order to Laboratory to make a mixture/potion of Demon Blood that cost some weed resource(s) and Blood of the victim.
- After sending an order, an Imp is going to Prison and do something very terrible... it takes something like syringe and... and... inject victim a virus of Sadness which will consume victim's whole happiness! By doing it sucks victim's blood to that syringe and take it to Laboratory when prepare a Demon Blood.
- When victim is losing it's happiness, (there could be an animation that it's colors turns to gray and it has sad animation), and has lowered it to minimum, then this sadness slowly make this creature mad... seriously unserious mad. It starts to panic, screaming, walking like paralized around the Prison. When it lost whole willings to life (at around 1% of it's life) it will fall on the floor and then an Imp is going to victim with ready Demon Blood and inject it to a victim.
- After injection, victim dies and from it... a new Demon (in our case Magog) is born!:

Summoned from The Pit of The Damned Method
- You can get from there Demons or Fire creatures like Balrog, Hellcat, Ifrit, Horned Demon, Gog, etc. from YOUR creatures doing something like in DK you do with Temple: sacrifice certain number of specific creatures from specific category there to get one of the Demon or Fire creature.
*Remember that after sacrificing creatures you get some burning after resources from them (like Charcoal or so).

Raised from Corpses stored in Boneyard Method
- Nosferatu, Zombie etc. Requires: dead bodies stored in Zikkurat (Boneyard Room Building),
- Skeleton, Lich etc. from Skeleton Transformer (like this in HoMM 3) - Requires: insert any living creature from certain category (i.e. living, magic, undead) there to get one of them.

Using Managnetite (or other specific stone) Method
- Behemoth, Archaeopteryx etc. from Fossil Items that you can rarely find in the ground. To make them alive you need to resurrect Fossil creature in a special Room Bulding (for example in Laboratory)
- Golems etc. like above, but instead of Fossil Items you need to use just different resources and Managnetites to make them.

Mercenary Camp and Bob Method
- You can find some strange places where you can find different, even unspoken, uncommon or just ordinary creatures that you can buy/hire for gold or another resources - these are Mercenary Camps.
- You can kill every creatures there if you wish of course... but if we would have Reputation Meter in game, killing them could lower your reputation in their faction...
- Bob is someone who in comparison to MCs is walking around Dungeons and that offers some creatures for gold or another resources.

Torture Room Method
- Right-click on prisoner and chose "Take this bitc...", akhm "Take this nonentity to Torture Room".
- Imp or creature that works at Prison Room as it's guardian will stun prisoner and take to the Torture Room where you can just convert victim to your side.

Awake from sleep Method
- Some places hides remains of ancient civilizations... and some no flesh and blood ancient creatures that ancients used as weapons or carriers.
- To activate them you need to do Right-click on ancient creature and chose "Bring it back to live".
- After doing above, an Imp takes from a Storage Room certain number of Managnetites and brings it to that ancient creature to make it live under your control.
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