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(30-01-2014, 07:19 PM)Mastergoose Wrote: I love the egg idea. The hatching time could be seen as the load time? Maybe put eggs in cue so that not everything will hatch at once?

As for the diversity on the maps, I had no idea that some maps will exclude certain creatures. If that is the case you can either work with the items suggestion Rasmus made. It seems well worked out with levels etc.

You could also spawn certain altars, ruins or worshiping places through the world with the "DNA-extract/artifact" of the species. Then even if you won't have the creatures in the map, you can still unlock them sometime through the game.
The problem with this however is that stronger creature DNA deposits will need some difficulty to find or access. Otherwise you might find it too early in the game. (Not sure if this is a problem if the build-cost is pretty high?)
I haven't given it a good thought how to accomplish this. Any suggestions?

I don't know exactly how DK handled this, but sacrificing to create skeletons would be awesome!

I like this egg idea too. Or the creation of a hatchery that has an incubator that is powered by coal like the Forge. The DM barfs up the eggs after you feed her the resources and the imp brings it to the incubator. Then it's a matter of time until the creature hatches. And there could be special creatures that only hatch under certain conditions IE a Goblin spawns when incubator is on regular rock; SwampThing only spawns when the incubator is built near water... etc. There could be lava pools too. For when you go really deep.
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