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(15-02-2014, 07:41 PM)TacticBlack Wrote: Ritual Sacrifice For Spells!

This goes along the lines of sacrifice in #2; however, it wold be a price for a spell that could be called Mother's Ritual or Ritual of Defense etc... When you cast the spell the cost is 4 imps who go and stand at all 4 corners of the Dark Mother's room and create a defensive barrier that kills or significantly damages anything that comes into contact with a barrier that is created between the imps around the Mother. The duration of the barrier would be dependent on the the lowest health of the imps because it uses their life force to deal damage and once one is fully sacrificed the barrier would be gone and the ritual over and they all would die. I could also see making orcs into suicide or firebombs in a ritual manner too. This will need some serious testing to get the duration and damage right for balance purposes but it could be a last ditch to save the mother or something to help keep your mother alive in the early stages when you just started and accidentally stumble into enemies with no large amount of your own forces.

That is a nice idea for a spell, but the danger here with making weaker creatures suicide bomb them self to kill stronger creature could take all the players back to square one after each attack.

(16-02-2014, 03:43 PM)damiant Wrote: So here is my quick two cents: Players should have to "unlock" different creature types (as an economic fixed cost) through constructing creature specific rooms, somewhat like DK. Those rooms can be made difficult to build: you can make the rooms/buildings require rare materials that must be discovered in the map. Cost to make creatures should be based on the food they consume, or if the creature is magical/extra strong then on some enchanting loot items you find. For undead: obviously we need a place of some kind here that works like DK: drag your victims there and they become skeletons or zombies, or, if they were magical creatures, they become liches. Equipment like armor and swords for orcs should be craftable and should become usable by creatures as they level up: Higher level creatures can use better equipment that must be made with stuff you dig up or conquer.

Edit: I was just thinking. If you want to do the meat grinder idea, you could make it part of the food chain. You could make "hero loaf" and "creature loaf" (kinds of meat loaf) that are then consumed by monsters and dark mother when spawning different types of creatures. You could control access to meat grinder versus graveyard/prison with door locks.

Edit 2: I keep thinking. I should alt-tab to dwelvers and stop, my brain hurts. So, you could also make the graveyard/prison for your own creatures, instead of for heros or npc monsters. Then you could only make undead versions of your own creations. Also, instead of direct sacrifice for creation, you use the corpses of fallen creatures you make. To make sacrifices an result of combat (or forced starvation ala the sims). Maybe create an sacrificial chamber room with different altars for different creatures instead of graveyard/prison for sacrifices. Graveyard for undead, prison for.... I am not sure yet. Maybe heros can go there and if you interrogate them, you get a part of the unexplored map exposed where there is good treasure.

Like Sebt said, we have been thinking of the unlocking idea, why I am not that very fond of it is that it is to mainstream, a lot of games have buildings that unlocks creatures. The reason I got hang up on capturing enemy, drag him to prison room and feed him to the dark mother to create your own "clones" of this creature is because:
- It explains why the Dark Mother can create and spew up creatures.
- It encourage the player to leave his dungeon safe zone and start hunting down creatures.
- It will be more challenging as the player will have to do his best with what creatures he captures.
- The player would be over excited for every new creature encounter as the reward for capturing them is very big.

The graveyard prison idea is something we haven't gotten to yet, it is very possible that we are going down the same line as DK there.

(16-02-2014, 09:35 PM)TacticBlack Wrote: I like this egg idea too. Or the creation of a hatchery that has an incubator that is powered by coal like the Forge. The DM barfs up the eggs after you feed her the resources and the imp brings it to the incubator. Then it's a matter of time until the creature hatches. And there could be special creatures that only hatch under certain conditions IE a Goblin spawns when incubator is on regular rock; SwampThing only spawns when the incubator is built near water... etc. There could be lava pools too. For when you go really deep.

Hmm, it don't interfere with the current ideas and it could be a nice add-on Smile

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