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Rasmus Wrote:I agree with you, I see the imps as mindless creatures that just follow orders and want to please any master they may have, they don't want to fight,
I agree with this, I see the imps as workers who don't want to fight, but IMO they should be able to put up at least some sort of a fight under 2 very specific situations:

1- It's being attacked and has nowhere to run away to, it's trapped, In that case you're going to lose the imp anyways more often then not and I'd rather they at least try to defend themselves when they can't run away, who knows if there's a large enough crowd of them trapped they might get lucky and a few of them survive where all would have otherwise died. However the imps, even while fighting, would still be looking for an escape path and as soon as one is found would go back to running away.

2- The Dark Mother is under attack. If this happens you're situation is probably rather desperate and IMO the imps may break their usual passivist ways under the circumstances and come to the DM's aide, or at least would do that if there are no orcs about and no create Orc tasks available. In this case imp survival really doesn't matter much to the keeper anyways as if the DM dies the imps don't really matter much anyways and even imps desperately fighting for their Dark Mother would probbably not make much difference anyways, but at least it would give some feint hope to someone who's lost all his orcs and has enemies attacking his DM.

The above 2 situations would have to be very narrowly defined to prevent imps from getting themselves killed in out of character acts of Imp bravery however.
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