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(18-02-2014, 07:53 PM)Sebt Wrote: So what about this: There is a various range of time of making creatures for example an Orc could be made in 5-11 seconds, but this is not only the one factor. If you want to have more units at once remember that Dark Mother is a living being an can be tired, exhausted. So as much creatures you want to make more in short period as their range of time to be made lengthen. So the first Orc could be made in 5-11 seconds, second could be made in 8-16 seconds and so on. What's more she sometimes could need some breaks.

That is a good idea as well, maybe the DM can't produce that many eggs at once, so the player will have to choose what eggs should be produced. But on the other hand, if the hatching and tending to the eggs would be in the Dark Mother room we could have a limited amount of space for them as well. Maybe the room can only fit 9 eggs at a time.

(19-02-2014, 12:28 AM)Seriously Unserious Wrote: I agree with this, I see the imps as workers who don't want to fight, but IMO they should be able to put up at least some sort of a fight under 2 very specific situations:

1- It's being attacked and has nowhere to run away to, it's trapped, In that case you're going to lose the imp anyways more often then not and I'd rather they at least try to defend themselves when they can't run away, who knows if there's a large enough crowd of them trapped they might get lucky and a few of them survive where all would have otherwise died. However the imps, even while fighting, would still be looking for an escape path and as soon as one is found would go back to running away.

2- The Dark Mother is under attack. If this happens you're situation is probably rather desperate and IMO the imps may break their usual passivist ways under the circumstances and come to the DM's aide, or at least would do that if there are no orcs about and no create Orc tasks available. In this case imp survival really doesn't matter much to the keeper anyways as if the DM dies the imps don't really matter much anyways and even imps desperately fighting for their Dark Mother would probbably not make much difference anyways, but at least it would give some feint hope to someone who's lost all his orcs and has enemies attacking his DM.

The above 2 situations would have to be very narrowly defined to prevent imps from getting themselves killed in out of character acts of Imp bravery however.

I like the number two option, like a last resource. The number one option shouldn't ever happen (even if it does), there is always places for the imps to run too, even if they have to pass hoards of enemies.

(19-02-2014, 08:36 AM)Seriously Unserious Wrote: It seems to me that the game already sort of does this anyways simply by having a trapped imp just stand there and let itself get killed and making no attempt to run away. I'm assuming that's because the pathfinder route can't find any path that leads it away from the enemy so it stands there. So if the pathfinder function can't find a route for the imp to run along to get away from its attacker it then launches an attack on the nearest enemy (presumably one of the ones trapping it) and then resumes searching for a route to run away again, if when it's next available to attack it still can't find an escape route it attacks again and this continues until one of 3 things happens, 1- the imp dies 2-the imp finds an escape route and runs away 3- all hostile creatures in the area die or fun away.

Yeah, as I said, they shouldn't be able to be trapped, but the path finding for fleeing is a little weak at the moment Tongue

(19-02-2014, 09:57 AM)TacticBlack Wrote: The advent of a creature that can move large amounts of materials could radically change the duration of resource feeding to the DM.

Well, this depends on if we still will use up resources when creating creatures. Everything else in the game cost resources, so it wouldn't be that bad to make an exception in this case.

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