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1. I am not worried about that the player would trash the other creatures, the reason is that the cost for the creatures increases exponentially by how many creatures of that specific type the player has. So there is never a reason for the player not to make the other creatures, especially as they don't interfere with each others currency.

2. I am still on board with the blueprint idea, it is just the evil point system that I feel can be a little boring and bring no challenge to the player. Besides, if all creatures are fighting over the same currency only the best creature will be made. Because there will always be creatures that are better than other, no matter how much I balance the game.

The problem with having gold to make orcs, and stones to make imps is that it feels unnatural to me, there is no sound reason why imps would be created out of stone and orcs out of beer and gold, and it can also be hard to control in the end because we will only have a limited of basic resources and once we have 10+ creature types in the dungeon they will all cost the same items, just with higher and lower quantities.

What I really like about the idea of being able to throw all items at the Dark Mother is that the player don't feel the need to remove or stop productions because they are producing to much, instead of stopping the production the player can redirect it straight to the dark mother and create creatures out of it. Another point is that because the dungeon randomly generated the player may not always have the chance to get the specific resources he needs to create creatures to defend or expand his dungeon, but if he can use other resources (even if it takes a longer amount of time) then this problem will solve itself.

The creature production will not interfere in such a big amount with the equipment production in the dungeon and also not exhaust limited resources.

Hmm, I see a lot of upsides with this.. But I may need a day to think about it, I know that I easily get tunnel vision when a new idea pops into my head Tongue

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