My New Idea Animal Mechanic - New Creature Category: Animals
Creature Category: Animals

Animals are the dumb beasts that roam the world, they are neither good nor evil and don't take sides in the battle between good and evil. Animals are, however trainable and can be domesticated for use by either side. They can be trained as beasts of burden, hunting, or war. They can be kept as pets, or put to work.

For the purpose of Dwelvers, animals trained as bests of burden could follow an imp on any task that involves carrying items or retrieving loose items to place in stores. In the case of gathering loose items, say from a mining operation, the imp would go to the site where the items are, with an animal following along, and the imp would gather the items up and "store them" on the animal until it reaches capacity, at which point the imp would then lead the animal back to a store and unload the items into the store room. When delivering items to a production room, the imp would get a beast of burden, load it up with the items the production room needs and and deliver them to the room in larger quantities then the imp could on its own.

For now, an animal trained for hunting would fetch fish and carry them back to a store, but this could be expanded on as new features are added.

For an animal trained for war, it would follow warrior types around and attack enemies alongside the warriors.

Each animal species would not be suitable for all task types, such as a horse would not be suitable as a hunting or war animal but would make a perfect beast of burden.

Each animal would have its own appearance.

Highlight: New set of creatures that do not have an allignment.
Function: Animals are neither good, evil nor neutral. They are an alignment unto themselves and can be hunted for meat and hides, or captured and trained. While wild animals will tend to avoid confrontations with the aligned creatures but if cornered, wounded or protecting young will fight viciously. Or captured and breed as a domesticated source of resources (eg meat and leather).
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So like pets then?
We have been thinking about introducing rats, frogs, ducks, bats into the game, but not bigger animals that could be trained. It is not a bad idea, we could maybe have a animal training room of some sort to domesticate them Smile
That's the idea. I'm also thinking the Knight sorts could sometimes spawn with a war dog/wolf/whatever that follows the knights and attacks our creatures too, and other Neutrals could do the same if they find animals worth training. Also, when we get spell casters added to the game smaller animals could become useful as familiars who can do things like spy and give early warnings of big spawns or locations of enemy mobs and stuff.

Smaller animals like rats, bats and such could be trainable only as pets to entertain our creatures, but larger animals like bears, wolves and such could be, of course trainable for other tasks then being a creature's pet.

My thinking here though is that we have creatures of types "Good", "Neutral" and "Evil" already, so this would be a new creature type under the "Acquired by" section, so instead of "acquired by evil, for example, it would be Acquired by Animal.

So such creatures would always start out wild at the beginning of the game and can be acquired by anyone who can capture and train them. Once you've trained 2 or more, you then "unlock" that animal species as long as you have at least 2 of them under your control. You can acquire more of animals you have at least 2 of by either breeding them, or capturing another wild one and training it.

Other uses could be for conducting experiments, putting them in a new farm area called a ranch, in which case they'd be used for food and other resources their bodies can provide.

I'd also have it that animals need to eat too, and if their needs are neglected for too long, they eventually go feral, basically reverting back to their wild version and will attempt to leave the dungeon and seek out their natural habitat, attacking anything that gets in their way.
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