lost everything
very sad news... I just lost my nice collection of indie games on my laptop.... It was refusing to load and only solution I could come up with was to restore it Sad
Ahh that really suck Sad
I know how it is to loose precious data on a computer and know that I can never retrieve it again.
It does suck. Sad I'm sure we've all here lost data at some point and know how crappy that is, I know I sure have.
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Actually, I think a good PC tech could get all the data back for you. Depending on where/how it was stored and such.
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That sucks hard...
How did you lost your collection, what happened to your computer? A trojan?

I lost my laptop 2 years ago, because someone spill an alcohol sweet drink on it during a party when I was DJing there, but I still could restore data from my disk, by connecting to it other computer and download all needed data, but that was done by my father and don't know how he did it. I think you can try to bring your laptop (or same disk?) to a service and wait for response... Check if more of your data wasn't deleted.
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just kept getting an error on load up saying windows failed to load... ended up having to restore my computer..... turned out I lost a lot less that I thought. (seems directories change between windows 8 and 8.1).

thankfully all the important stuff (my writing) is still there
yeah, if you did a system restore using the built in Windows feature, it wouldn't wipe stored data files, just changes to the system since the restore point, such as installing new programs or OS updates.

That failed to load error can come from a number of things, on an old XP desktop I used to have, I got the same sort of error when the HD failed. I knew it was starting to do though as I'd done an error check on the drive a few times and it was starting to pick up errors on the disk, I guess one of them finally showed up where the OS was and poof, no more windows. Viruses and other malware can also prevent loading, as can other types of hardware failures, and software failures.

If you want to check if your HD is starting to fail, go to your file explorer, right click on drive c, select properties, go to the tools tab and click on the button under "check for errors". that will start up a scan for errors on your hard drive. Many errors can be software related, the formatting is starting to degrade, and those this feature can fix. Other errors can be from the physical drive wearing out, and those this tool will quarantine, making sure no more data is read from or written to the damaged area, but if those sort of errors are showing up, I'd recommend you back up all important data to another media then that HD as that would be a sign it's starting to and will likely fail altogether in the near future.
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