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Brainstorm I & S - Individual building and creature options
As I am almost finished with the imp priority system, some other ideas have popped up in my head. Something I have been annoyed with a lot is the clumsy selection method that are in the game at the moment. Here is some examples:


As seen here the player can't choose if he wants to sell the fireplace or the bed because the hand is selecting the whole tile.


In this example the player can't choose if we wants to rotate the brewing-vat or the wall-barrels.

Many problems have come out of this, this is one of the reasons I had to remove the option for the player to sell and build torches. If I gave the player the option to sell and build torches, then it could be very annoying for him when he wanted to sell a torch and discovered that he sold something else on this tile instead.

So I want to be able to do is something like this:

(Made in photoshop, this is not a implemented yet)

As seen here the tile isn't selected, but the building itself, so that the player can just select directly what we wants to rotate and sell, it also bring forth a lot of other options for the future. As I mentioned with the torches a solution like this would solve the problem, and also give the player more freedom to add a lot of different buildings to one tile and be able to change the properties on them individually.

I also wanted to show you this image:


It is now much more visible when a creature is selected.

I wanted to start a discussion here, I don't want it to be about what properties different buildings and creatures could have and so on. But instead how the player we be able reach these properties. As I see it, when the player is selecting a creature or a building the dig option will not be available, only the plain hand that points as seen in the creature image above. So to reach a menu with options or properties could be done with a simple left click on the mouse. This would also mean that the rotate building option would have to be selected just like the sell button.

The thing is that I would really like to avoid dragging the radial menu into this solution, unless the buildings would have a own radial menu, with rotate, sell and info and so on. But I prefer having it so that the player could be able to reach a small menu just like seen here:


I don't think a menu like this would be so distracting, and this is something that I would like to replace the creature card with as well, because the space the creature card is confined too is way to small for all the options a individual creature could have. Like renaming him, equip him, assign him to certain tasks and so on..

So the question is, what is most annoying? Having a larger menu popping up when selecting a creature or a buildings, or having a radial menu popping up that would require extra mouse clicks to reach the option the player wants to reach (which actually in the end could result in a larger menu).

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