Brainstorm I & S - Individual building and creature options
It's definitely a good idea but I think it would cause more problems than it would solve.

Firstly what happens if a second imp runs into the previous location of the first. Which do you select? Logic would suggest the second as that's where it currently, is but maybe you just missed the first. What if there's a number of imps in the same location? Having 'extra large' bounding boxes is going to make pinpointing one difficult.

Secondly, what happens when i don't want to select an imp? I get this issue all the time when trying to select a specific tile to mine out, and there are swarms of imps running around claiming the area or grabbing resources, I inevitably select an imp and then my camera starts following it so not only did i select something I didn't want but now I'm being dragged across the dungeon! Adding a bigger bounding box will just make this worse I think.

A couple of simple solutions would be:
1) Have a pause button - if you can stop gameplay but still select things then there is no need for other solutions.
2) Have a 'select only' tool - this would alleviate my second point above, so that when digging/mining you would never accidentally select an imp, although the original problem of clicking imps would remain.

Alternatively perhaps consider the basic reason for wanting to select an imp and look for other ways to show the info. There's not much info there when you select one, things could be represented by icons and bars over their heads. Perhaps have key settings that turn on and off various over creature displays? Perhaps have a dynamic pop up window that appears simply on mouse over an imp rather than actually having to click it? Or maybe get rid of having to select a creature altogether and have an independent list of all the various stats? (or a combination of all these). I personally could imagine one overhead display with the health, tiredness and hunger bars swappable with a second display showing the fighting stats. Then maybe a simple dynamic mouse over pop up showing current task, or a list of imps and their tasks, or actually you already have the 'thought icon' over the imps showing what they are doing. This could all get rid of selecting completely.

Although a pause button might be easier Wink
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