Brainstorm I & S - Individual building and creature options
Atoning Unife Wrote:A couple of simple solutions would be:
1) Have a pause button - if you can stop gameplay but still select things then there is no need for other solutions.
2) Have a 'select only' tool - this would alleviate my second point above, so that when digging/mining you would never accidentally select an imp, although the original problem of clicking imps would remain.
IMO #1 would be very simple to implement, but #2 shouldn't be that hard either, it's just separating selecting creatures from digging/building, so when a tool is active no creature is selectable, but when no tool is active, then it is possible to select a creature. This doesn't solve the problem of catching up to a fast moving imp of course, which, IMO would be best solved by also having a pause button where creatures are still selectable while the pause button is on.
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