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How about you have the default tool, when nothing specific is selected being a select tool which only selects things, but does no building or digging whatsoever. If I want to dig I have no problem selecting either the pick or shovel tool and having a right click deselect the digging tools just as it does other tools, when the digging tools are active nothing can be selected. IMO it's safe to assume that when a specific tool is active, such as a digging tool or a building tool, that the user does not want to select anything except where to dig/sell/build something. When no tool is active it's safe to assume that anything the user clicks on is meant to be selected for some sort of additional action.

I actually don't like having selecting always active, as, like AU said, it often gets in the way of other actions I'm really trying to do. Still, having a quick select hotkey for if I'm doing something else and suddenly want to select a creature without deselecting a tool I'm using would be helpful, but one way or another, there has to be a way to differentiate between using a tool and selecting a creature when either could happen.
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