Brainstorm I & S - Individual building and creature options
(14-03-2014, 08:53 PM)Atoning Unifex Wrote: I think a combination of a pause and the highlighting there would be no need for a special imp select tool. You could see whether you were highlighting an imp (and which one), or whether you were pointing at the wall, floor or something else.

Just to make it clear, I am not suggesting any special "selection" tool, but rather that selecting is the default action when no tool is active, and that digging, building, etc is all done by activating the appropriate tool.

I should also mention that with the digging/selecting tool always active by default, I also get the reverse problem, areas highlighted for digging when I really wanted to select something, which can lead to imps digging into walls best left undisturbed (potentially unleashing a deadly hoard of cyclotars and impanzees on the hapless imps and orcs). So digging would then be it's own tools, and selecting would be when no tool is active.
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