Team News 2014.02.08 - Dwelvers trailer video got 15k views over night
Something weird was going on yesterday, my phone started beeping, my mailbox ringing, twitter twittering and FB doing its not so unusual constant beeping too. It was not until Ben started shooting messages towards me on Skype telling me that this is HUGE I started to really suspect something was going on.

That something was this:

A wonderful person called jjmikhale posted about Dwelvers on reddit, and it topped the gaming community there, making it visible for 10k online readers.

So what was the result?
- I got a large amount of pre-orders.
- Dwelvers raised to rank 3 out of 14594 on IndieDB.
- The Dwelvers YouTube trailer video got 15k views over night.

The response have been really good I must say, so this is a day when I am dancing on the clouds Smile

Thank you jjmikhale!

EDIT: Had to frame this moment Tongue

Yea, outssssstanding! Smile
With ratio 4:1 votes we've got nearly 1400 upvotes, wow.... Well this is going real. Big Grin
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WOOHOO ... That is awesome news Rasmus. Keep up the good work and stay true to your values. This is gonna get real cool baby!

I am definitely going to wear my good shirt today!
[insert witty text here]

This is amazing news! Simply amazing. Big Grin

[Image: party-smiley-020.gif]
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The Golden One!
I celebrated this moment with a couple of beers and a dorky smile on my face Tongue
So, if you get say, 30k views on one of your videos overnight you'll what, break out the chardonnay to celebrate with an even bigger, dorkier smile on your face???
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The Golden One!
Awesome man! You deserve it for all your hard work, and I'm sure this is just an omen of things to come.

Side Note: I'm still getting caught up since I have had even less time to spend here lately, I wanna see that picture of 'Beer in Hand Dorky Smile Face' if one exists.
Haha, I know there were some cameras around. But I am avoiding showing any pictures of me publicly drinking beer and looking dorky Tongue
Booo!!! Next time I get sloshy, I'm gonna post my pics here while double-fisting my brews and playing Dwelvers. Yeah, I'm that talented.
Agreed, if you do that I will post one of myself in the same state Wink
It's a DEAL!
I'm looking forward to when that deal comes to fruition. Tongue
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The Golden One!
(18-02-2014, 01:02 AM)Mello Tonin Wrote: It's a DEAL!

It sure is Wink
This I look forward too. Can I show said pictures in my videos/streams? Wink

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