"Game-breaking bugs" (also, hi!)
Hi folks!

Another new user who's discovered Dwelvers from all the Dungeon Keeper complaints (saw Rasmus's reply to a post on Reddit).

Enjoying the game; looks good, plays well, and can see a lot of potential for depth in the game. Reminding me of (the original) DK, Dwarf Fortress, Towns, and to a lesser extent Terraria and Minecraft - though mostly I'm playing Team Fortress and Civilization at the moment.

Appreciate that the game behaves very nicely in a window - great for those of us with dual monitors who can easily switch between the game and guides/forums, and I was surprised by the small size of the download!

Plan to play bits and pieces, and am hoping to find more game-breaking bugs like the misspelling of "Figthers" on the Rally Flag tooltip in-game Wink

Haha, as much as you find them as the better for a game, thanks for raporting and welcome to the community, thanks for joining us! Smile

Many games, you noticed are similar to Dwelvers, but I don't know why Rasmus say Dwelvers is inspired by Settlers, because no one list this game as similar. Big Grin

Well as I remember someone wished to play Dwelvers in a window mode, that was long time ago and so maybe if not that person there would be a problem with that. Smile

I encourage to join some of our discussions about game design, ambience, etc. and also to read Suggestion Guideline and post your own idea(s) if you want. Smile
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Settlers is known for its somewhat "complex" and long production chains. as well as the charming animations the settlers exhibit.
Oh yea, but I wonder when will someone notice that. Wink
Spec: Win 10, ATI 7800 HD, res: 1280x1024x75. I support The Venus Project & Resource-Based Economy
Haha, yeah, good point Smile

Soon, hopefully. when rasmus Unleash his new production system.
@Moe: welcome to the forum! Cool

I'm also looking forward to seeing you contribute to the community discussions and adding your ideas to them. Smile
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Yes, the more bugs you find the better, misspelling and grammar error is one of those as well. I will soon make it so that all the text in the game is accessible through XML files, meaning that people could change the language in the game. When this is done I will probably ask Ameena to look it through and find all the spelling errors Tongue

And yes, you are very welcome to the forum Smile

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