Feedback/Modification I & S - Reduce the game-speed
I find that the game runs too fast - especially the creatures. Its good that the Imps running merrily through the area and work a lot, but you can hardly click and watch. If you scroll up close, every creature runs in less than a second through the picture. The orcs only train speed-boxing and if they are in a fight there is only a beat-beat-beat-beat-beat..

The effect is very negative, especially with large dungeons, when the performence is going down. With 15fps the creatures literally jump through the screen.

In my opinion it wouldn't be bad if the all creatures run a little bit slower/smoother through the dungeon. Perhaps a spell could make them speed up if you are in trouble, but there should be a more relaxed atmosphere in the dungeon.

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The performance of the game and 15 fps will be optimized so that won't be an issue in the future.
I remember speeding the imps up at some point, I will probably slow them down a little with the next release, but even so, when they level up they should work faster so there will still be a problem.

I noticed that many of the issues you describe with the creatures working to fast is because you can't click them or the fps is too low so that they "jump around" over the screen. I just want to clarify if that is the issue and not the running speed of the creatures itself, then we should focus on how to make it easier to click creatures despite their running speed. One option that comes to mind is increasing their bounding box when they are running faster, so that the player will be able to click where they once were and still be able to pick them up.
This is definitely something that needs to be addressed. We had a discussion about the difficulty of clicking on especially the imps here too and went over a few ideas to solve this. IMO this would be a better place to discuss this issue though, as there's more chance of something being done about it in this forum then just chatting about it in the general Dwelvers discussion forum as some off-topic chatter which I had a very hard time finding and I knew about and participated in the discussion!

I would suggest you edit your post to follow the Suggestion Templates though.
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I added a detailed solution for the catch imp issue here:

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