A Lot Has Changed
Yo! Everyone on the forum community of Dwelvers especially to the lead developer of Dwelvers, Rasmus and to the forum moderator, Sebt, hello it has been a while.

I haven't posted in a while since school work is getting busy and I can't find time to check out the forums but I am still lurking on the main website checking for news. Especially with the upcoming NAT ( National Achievement Test ) and RAT ( Regional Achievement Test ), things are about to be set ablaze.

To this community I have observed that a lot has changed since I checked last time. There is now the "Pit of the Damned" section where all rule-breaking posts are drowned ( though somehow the name reminds me of the Undead in Warcraft III ). I even saw the artwork "The Pyramid of Live" by a creative forum member called "Xiemas", it's quite cute ( kawaii! ). Also the "Archives"... I can't say anything about it except there is no contents inside it. Most importantly, the active members on this forum has become numerous ( or is this just my opinion ). Hope everyone stays nice so this will be a Happy 2014.

Good luck with the development of Dwelvers, Rasmus ( I'll be waiting with the next release ) and good luck maintaining peace and order on this forum, Sebt. May god bless everyone!

Oh, I will post this drawing as a sign of return... hehehehe.
[Image: LyonandRosa_zps62e6b671.png]

And if you are looking for a good reference on monsters or creatures, try playing Castlevania. It has a lot of monsters you could refer or to think and bring out a good combination out of two or three monsters.
Hey welcome bakc! Cool

There's been a ton of welcomings going on lately, mostly to new members, but it's just as great to see an old regular return and drop us a line. Smile Great drawing by the way, I love it. +1 for posting it, joshuageorpe. Hopefully you can find some time here and there to contribute your ideas to our discussions and even your own original ideas too. Big Grin

Good luck with your studies and happy posting. Cool
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The Golden One!
Thanks! I do have some idea brewing on my mind. I will gladly post it in drawing!

Note: I will be changing my username to Eckirion. Nevermind...
I'm guessing you can't change your username? I think that's pretty standard for most forums and such...
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The Golden One!
Why, hello, welcome back to our Dungeon! Smile

Hmm, yes a lllot things get changed, I'm also now the forum Admin and work on organizing everything on the forum, but also in our team, there are bunch things to improve, add and we have even more to do now than ever before, but, we're not only in two. Except me and Rasmus there is:
- game and graphic designer Ben who help us since you could see the change of game appearance, so since alpha 0.5.
- 3D modeller CobraMode who cares a lot about making creatures well made.
- our wordweaver lady - Ameena who is writing game storyline, lore for creatures
- we also have talented music composer Omhri Lahav whose work you can hear in latest game version.

Archive will be probably filled with some topics soon, but ATM we don't have any closed threads, but I'll put there old bugs reports for earlier versions.

I hope you'll stay with us for a longer, I wondered yesterday "hmm is this guy back to us again?", well more and more comes back to us and much more new are coming too. Welcome back anyway. Smile

P.S. I have power to rename your account, but I need you to be prepared, just in case. Sent a post here and then I'll change your nickname so next time you would need to login typing new nick or the same e-mail address.
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Whoa Sebt! It seems the Dwelvers's team has gotten better. Hope you keep up the good work this 2014. I expect Dwelvers to be much improved and better on the updates to come and will be loved by a major number of gamers. I will also help in a way I am capable of doing which is suggesting so be prepared to read 'em all.

Note: Thanks for the concern Sebt. But I think i'll stick with my current username for now.
Welcome back to the forum joshuageorpe Smile
There are a lot of great updates on the way! You will see Wink
Hey Rasmus! I hope you do well with Dwelvers and lead the game to it's fullest potential. Best regards this 2014.
Then Rasmus.... I will be expecting it is good than the last time then. Big Grin
Hi, I was just checking out this forum and I must say that this has been such a long time. I miss those days where you didn't really have to worry about work or other adulting problems. This is why I make sure that from time to time, I still play roblox on pc. It makes me feel sane and calm about everything that's going on. It's an escape from reality. I've also been playing Arknights which is super fun. I've been addicted to this game ever since I got the good characters for the game. You can check the game out here: https://arknights-pc.io/

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