My New Idea Room Mechanic - Dark Mother Pranks
Dark Mother Pranks

Your Dark Mother will now have the option to pull pranks on unsuspecting Imps.

Since this is an open suggestion to built upon which can have many results, an image is not added.

Highlight: Fills the void of having the urge to slap your Imps on a regular basis.
Function: The Dark Mother will have prank list in a menu or radial yet to be determined. As EP goes up, you will have access to more and more pranks, becoming more maniacal as the level rises. To start off with we could have 3 available pranks: Tie Shoe Laces (requires idle Imp), Fake Cave-in (causes debris to fall from ceiling causing the Imp to run in fear of a cave-in), Random Pokes (causes the Imp to stop and turn around; Imp gets poked 10 times the first couple are a bit spaced, but the last ones are steady and drives the Imp mad so it drops everything and starts running off in a random direction arms flailing).

The movie Little Nicky inspired me for this idea: Swarm of Bees. Now this would be higher up in the EP meter, but it would be nice to picture an idle Imp suddenly being harassed by bees like Mr. Winkler.
Yes, this would be great, +1.

I can also seeing this idea as a perfect way to fuel the dark humor and silly sides of Dwelvers.
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+1 this would be a nice easter egg. Fake fire, puke bile (Makes them stick in place for 10 sec or so. Puke a slippery bile patch... that makes imps and orcs slip and fall. I dig this.
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Yes, the possibilities for funny occurrences are endless...
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I like this topic, I am all for giving the Dark Mother a dark sense of humour Wink
lol poor Imps, what they ll become with us Big Grin ?
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