Dungeon Keeper - Portable
So I debated back and forth about whether or not I should label myself a heathen for downloading and playing Dungeon Keeper on my Droid, and ultimately decided F' it, gonna do it anyway.

It's not Dungeon Keeper in the traditional sense, for those not in the know. It contains some element of the title, but has been transformed into what most games on the portable/web platform are: Tap & Wait, unless helped by a social circle or paying money for speed up tokens.

This one isn't as bad as others, but it will definitely not have any of the replay value the original games had. At best you can go around wasting other Keepers who don't design their setup properly, but fortunately there is not really a need to spend real money to play.

It's good as a time filler during bathroom breaks, and killing 5 - 10 minute time lulls.
Well as the beginner play goes quite entertaining me as the further game when you need stronger creatures or bigger Dungeon is more and more hard to play for free, your development is slowed down, your actions takes hours. Of course you don't need to pay, but then wait couple of hours or days to be able to do something and to get free green diamonds is much longer way than at the beginning of your play.

Sometimes people want to play Tap & Wait games, but every actions like in DK for mobiles or Megapolis game after 2 days of playing these games takes hundred hours to be done. Ogame for example is T&W game, but you can shorten your awaiting time for anything and it can be done with your resources not payed options.

This game use Dungeon Keeper franchise, name to attract more customers, but this nothing more like money sucker - null lore, null creatures behaviours only stats what is against something better, what's not. Rooms cannot be built bigger, you don't have any influence on their shape. Spells cost mana that regenerates very slowly, but quite powerful. Traps are great, but some really cost very much as their upgrades, which if enemies has tougher units are useless - unless you gather enough resources which takes some time, especially that in this game you have infinite mines like in Ogame, that you can upgrade, but to reach desired amount of resources you need to upgrade them and storage room that could handle this amount of resources, but if could resources comes very slowly to you - and don't forget you can have limited amount of traps and pull up this limit if you upgrade mines, some of them the are in map corners need some more time to be occupied - but remember as more mines you have as more portals you have to your Dungeon, so there are more ways to get to you.
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