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Assign Priority to Construction Tasks

Currently, all priorities are held constant, so the user has no control over when a task is actually done, so, for example building a door or wall might be ignored by imps who are all busy doing other tasks that are "higher priority", even though there is something hostile that needs to be barricaded off from a sensitive part of the dungeon NOW By setting priorities you can control what tasks or types of tasks the imps do and in what order.

The levels of priority would be, from lowest to highest:
Stopped: no construction will be done on this task and any ongoing construction will be halted.
Low: This task will be held below most other tasks in the task list for idle imps not assigned to any room.
Medium: normal priority for that construction type, and the default priority level for all new projects.
High: These tasks will be placed near the top of the task list and will thus be done much quicker as the lag between ordering the construction project and when imps start getting assigned to it will be much shorter, even with many tasks queued.

By raising or lowering priority levels it will change what tasks idle imps choose so that an high priority task will be chosen by an idle imp sooner while a low priority task.

The priorities can be set in 2 different ways:
1- Set priority of individual construction task: this would be accessed through a construction task card where details about the task such as current priority level, resources needed, and resources delivered, construction progress. This would affect only that one specific task.

2- Set priority by category of task. This would be done through a task control panel and would have a listing of different types of tasks imps not assigned to a room could do and would give the user control over the relative priority levels of each. So a player could, for example, set claiming tiles to be the lowest priority task and then claiming tiles would only be done if there is nothing else to do. On the other hand, collecting resources could be set to the highest priority task and imps would transport all loose items to the nearest store before doing any other tasks, except for contruciton tasks that have been set to high priority, those would always assume the highest priority level (or the construction priority levels (high, medium, low) could be ranked against the other task groups here too, which would be the best option).

This feature would be accessed by a construction project card, or a task management control panel, depending on what level of control the user needs at the time. Both the card and control panel would be have a consistent appearance to other similar items in the game already.

Highlight: Enable the user to have options on how tasks are prioritized in the queue.
Function: The user can control when imps do tasks, changing how they are prioritized in 2 different ways, each of which offers different advantages to the user.
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I will get back to this one soon, first I will record my video on how the imp priorities work in the games current state as it is interfering with this topic a little Wink
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Sounds good. The main reason for posting this is that even though the imp task system will be changing radically with the assigning them to rooms is that there will still be several general tasks that have nothing to do with any rooms that a general pool of imps still need to manage and there does need to be an effective way to manage where on the queue such tasks are placed so the user can choose what's important and what's not based on the current situation, which can change dramatically during the course of a game.
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