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The constructions are all finished, with their respectable in game descriptions with them. I found a grammar error while doing the ladders, it reads;

A ladder that enable your creatures to reach new heights

We're going to need an 's' at the end of "enable".
I have fixed that spelling error. And thank you for all your help, you save me a huge amount of time Smile
Thank you, it was fun Smile
Greetings! I'm the new Wiki Manager for the Dwelvers Wiki on Gamepedia. I've been working on updating the wiki with the latest information. I'll be posting to the typo thread with issues as I find them. If anyone has any questions about the wiki or needs assistance, feel free to post here, PM me, or post on my user talk page on the wiki. I've also thrown up a site notice link to the Kickstarter to hopefully drive more traffic there. Exciting times! Big Grin
Wiki Manager of the official Dwelvers Wiki on Gamepedia
Thank you for helping out, I have been a little busy myself and haven't had the time to update the wiki in a while. So I am more than grateful for you helping out with this.

And thank you for the tweets you made about the KS campaign Smile
Welcome, welcome, good to see someone that will take care of information brought to people, it's really important to make especially new or potential player acknowledged with Dwelvers mechanics. Smile
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