Dungeon Kings
I recently offered to design a forum for the developer of Dungoen Kings and it is now up and running.

Dungeon Kings is a dungeon crawler style RPG inspired by games like Dungeon Master, Eye of the Beholder, Black Crypt, Elder Scrolls and many more. It features modern graphics and looks great so far from the videos released so far.

[Image: Wasp2.jpg]

You can find out more by visiting their website at http://www.hydro-games.com/dk/

You can also visit the official forum I designed for them at http://forums.dungeonkings-game.com/
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This is really cool Big Grin
I am impressed that they even included the stair-walking animations, first time I ever see something like that in that type of game genre.
Thanks. I hope I'll be seeing some of the members here signing up for the Dungeon Kings forum soon. The community there is still very young and in need of support and growth ATM.
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The Golden One!
Piouf great game i'am not a big fan of this kind of game but when i was young i ve play a lot of this and that how i discovery my fav best game aka "Baldur's Gate" and the licence of "Forgoten Realm" who i play since 98 now (less now) but i ve make a lot of module from BG I to Neverwinter so almost 16 years and i ve play a lot with friends at "paper board game".

10-12 years in DM role that i ve enjoy the most Smile
Dungeon Kings ve nice smoothy animation and graphic that is a good point, but i prefer Zelda or Metroid like game or beat em all (shadow over mystara or tower of doom :p).
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Quote: licence of "Forgoten Realm"
Are you talking about Eye of the Beholder? I've played EOB1 and part of EOB2 and loved them. Unfortunately, the Amiga I was playing them on broke down before I could finish EOB2.

Anyhow, thanks for your comments on Dungeon Kings and I'm sure Kanda, the game's main developer, will be happy to know a vlogger is interested in his game. Smile
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