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• Load and Save options •

Something I would like to see is an addition to the game menu. This would just be some basic functionality that will need to be included at some point anyway. I'm not sure if it would be too disruptive to the current development process, but having a 'Save Game' and 'Load Game' option would really be helpful for me while testing.

There are times where I do have several hours to dedicate to testing, but more often than not, I'm limited in time and being able to save state so I can return to it later and test limits at a larger scale would be nice.

Put there pictures, text description of how it look like, special marks, glowing things, animations, etc.

Highlight: Saving a lot of time saving and loading mechanism.
Function: Saves and Loads chosen state of game.

Perhaps also having a Pause option so that if I have to walk away for a few minutes, I won't potentially miss something while AFK. Could be attached to the 'P' or 'Pause/Break' key.

I moved Your suggestion here. The list of already suggested ideas is not for making there suggestions, but posting about suggestions that should be added to the list or report mistakes in the list. Also, I added Your suggestion to The List, sorry for complications. Wink
Haha, yeah I forgot to mention, I made Sebt a moderator Wink I agree with you, it is very annoying having to reproduce a bug when there is no save/loading.. Right now I have a load/save function in the game (but not included in the release), it is still a little bit basic and it only saves the dungeon layout and the items laying around, not the creatures states.. But still, I will add it in the next minor update, hopefully it will help out a little bit.. Another thing I've added to the "cheat menu" that can help out in the debugging is that it is possible to increase the game speed x3, and that the fog of war can be removed.
Ah nice, I must have missed where it said to make a new post item and not post there.

@Sebt - Moderator, I'm jealous. LOL!!
(25-09-2013, 06:14 PM)Mello Tonin Wrote: Ah nice, I must have missed here it said to make a new post item and not post there.

@Sebt - Moderator, I'm jealous. LOL!!

Yea, I went deeper to the Dark Site of... Evil. Smile
This option would be very helpful, especially when it will came to make various trap systems.
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I just noticed, I forgot to remove the load/save option, you can use F2 to save the dungeon and F4 to load it.. But just so you know, only the buildings in it are saved, not the creatures or the items laying on the ground (the once that are in the storage room will be saved)..
Cool deal, but I had an error while saving:

Error Location: GamePlay::SaveLevel
Message: SaveLevel::Savegame file could not be opened!

Since this is going to be in the next release I wouldn't worry about this too much. If I want to save now, I'm just putting the computer to sleep and so far everything has came back up exactly as I left it.
Well, at least it gave you an error message Wink

Fantastic progress on this great game.

Unbelievable achievement in coding and design from just one guy!

Keep up the good work.

I also get the Save and Load errors...

Error Location: GamePlay::SaveLevel
Message: SaveLevel::Savegame file could not be opened!

Running on Windows 8 (64bit) as admin.

Cheers - Adam.
Hi Adam,
It is probably because you have the Dwelvers folder in a location like "cUndecidedprogram files", anything in that folder is write-protected. So try moving it c:\games for example, it should work Smile

And welcome to the forum Big Grin

Yes works fine if I use a non-protected/non-root location when installing (e.g. D:\games).

I have version 0.6c, and I do love that I can save and load a game, I also hope for more UI to allow for many save games easily selectable from a list by user defined names during the save operation.
I agree. That should be easy enough to do, if you just call up a standard O/S dialogue box to handle the loading and saving functions.
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I've been curious what might happen if I made a copy of a save, progressed the game a bit and saved again, and after took the file I copied out and called it save1.dat. I may try that later just for fun unless someone beats me to it.
Sorry for spoiling your fun Mello, but nothing will happend Smile
Well, saved me some time. Thx

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