I want to stream on twitch, need your advice and feedback :/
Long story short, I want to start streaming on Twitch. I need help with getting started and improving my stream.

Yesterday I did my first stream, got over 300 views and 18 followers and had lots of fun. Some of the feedback I got was that I was hard to understand because of my accent + my tendency to mumble. I have made some changes to my set-up and will make an effort to speak clearly.

What I want to know:
1. Can you understand what I am saying?
2. How bad is my accent?
3. Would you be a viewer of my stream?
4. Yes or no, how can I improve my stream?
5. Would you even view a gaming stream? What do you think of watching video games in the first place?!?!
If the problem is with me, don't be afraid to voice it. I got some good feedback yesterday and I've made real improvements.

Any piece of advice or critique you can give me. Either post it here or PM me on Twitch/say it in the chat. All options are ok. At least come in and say hi!

My stream is here http://www.Twitch.tv/FRANZUU Going live after posting this thread.

My dream is to become a full time streamer. Prepared to use every last ounce of willpower to make the necessary changes required for that to happen.

I want to stream every day and will be updating you on how my streaming thing goes. I still have to figure out my schedule.

You can look at my past broadcasts if I'm not live when you see this. Go to my stream page and click on the "Videos" tab in the top right corner. It is next to the "Chat" tab.
Hey man, just skimmed over your DayZ ...18 Followers stream, and I didn't have any trouble understanding what you were saying. Your accent isn't really as strong as some of the people I get to interface with in IT from time to time. As far as watching games, back in the day we used to do this on VHS so I don't mind watching gameplay, especially if I'm deciding to buy a game or not. While streaming can be fun to watch and create, people may not be willing to sit through several hours of a stream, so I would try to keep things in general to an hour or less depending on what it is you are streaming.
I'd have to agree with Mellow about the length. If you aren't doing so already, I'd also recommend posting your old streams to youtube a while after your stream, so people who missed your live stream can still watch it later.

I also hope you will stream a Dwelvers video soon. For some strange reason, I think that would be a popular video among this community. Wink I have no idea what though... Tongue
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