My New Idea I & S - Random Objectives
Random Objectives

As I promised in, I'm posting this formal suggestion to make sure this idea is on the list of suggestions. This idea is meant to go along with something Rasmus mentioned he's working on for the next version, which is having objectives to achieve as part of a scenario. The first scenario, from what I gather would be a simple tutorial scenario to introduce the player to the main features of the game and the UI.

This suggestion is an expansion of that feature where there could be a set of random objectives that could show up when upon a random check and when certain conditions are met. Some of these objectives could be completely optional and would only provide a bonus if completed, but could be ignored with the only cost being forfeiting any bonuses that might have been available for completing the objective. Others could have a penalty for failing to complete the objective.

This could be a way to introduce certain types of random events that the user can respond to or not, or must respond to or suffer the consequences. This could also be used to create certain types of random disasters as well, such as by creating a random scenario that has no victory conditions and reaches its fail conditions instantaneously. Such disasters could include weevils infesting a store, and ruining all antroots, flour and bread stored there, or having a fire break out in a cookery room (if it has an oven) or metal works room.

This could also be tied in with the message system so, completed objectives or disaster objectives could be reviewed later on, unless this will have its own self-contained messaging system.

Could look pretty much like normal objectives, but could be highlighted different colours depending on the nature of the random objective. Optional (or no fail) objectives could be coded green and be dismissible,
objectives with a fail condition could be highlighted in orange or yellow to call attention to them, and disaster objectives could be coded in red and also be dismissible as there would be no action to take aside from reading the event and making note of what went wrong.

Highlight: Provides random events that effect the player and random objectives the player can complete for a bonus or to avert a penalty.
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This makes me think of Diablo 3, where approaching a event creates a new objective. Shouldn't be that hard to implement, it could be triggered if the imps claim certain tiles nearby, or if the area is no longer in fog of war.

I like it Smile
Indeed. I like the example you gave of an infestation that decimates your food stores. We definitely need to expand more on the possibilities here. I'm kinda rushed for time this morning, but I'm gonna try and think of some more events too. I'm wondering if this may not be best to implement after the next release in one of the revisions considering the time since the last release.
I agree. I don't want this to delay the next release but I would love to see this added in for one of the releases after it. I'd love to see a brainstorm here, or in the general discussion forums on ideas for random events.

So far we have (including some new ideas of mine):
  • Weevil infestation of a store room - spoils flour, bread
  • Rat infestation of a store room (mentioned in another thread, but I don't remember which one) - spoils food, beer, flour, antroots and any other consumables
  • Cave-In - converts a section of a tunnel back to rock, destroys any constructs on affected tiles and injures/kills any creatures caught in the cave-in
  • Termites - destroys an item, building or furniture made out of wood
  • Flood - water temporarily fills up a section of tunnel and rapidly flows down to the lowest point nearby, destroying anything in its path and wounding/killing any creatures caught in the flood waters, the water eventually drains away or enters an existing waterway
  • Fire - a fire breaks out in a room that contains a building that uses fire such as a cookery room with an oven, a metalworks room with a forge or smelter or a bedroom with a fireplace and destroys all items that contain something flammable, such as wood, cloth, oil, or creatures, it can spread to any neighboring flammable furniture, buildings, creatures or equipment within a certain range of the fire, if it reaches something like an alchemy lab or mage's lab it would cause an explosion. Would eventully burn itself out when it runs out of fuel sources, or could be extinguished faster by having worker creatures like imps form a bucket brigade and pouring buckets of water on the fire, which could also contain it and prevent it from spreading to other flammable things.

Well I think that list is a good start, let's see what everyone else can think of to contribute.
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Something like diseases or fire hazard in Anno games, that's evil and can be annoying, but I think it would give more life, reality to the game, that could bring some strategies, hope for example rats wouldn't appear from nothing, but find a way from somewhere and then arrive to our storage room for example.
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I just thought of something which relates to a creature suggestion. The creature Rockworm suggested by Palandus while maybe not something we would want to frequently be roaming about, would make a good random spawn with an objective.

I could imagine this scenario:

Player accumulates X amount (a high number) of Rock and or Gold/Ore/Coal and that would produce a Y% chance a Rockworm could spawn because it detects the quantity in your stores and wants a piece. It would meander a bit all the while tunneling a path because that's what Rockworms do. Eventually it would get back on the trail and target the closest store containing the minerals it enjoys snacking on. The goal would be to find and stop this creature before it attacks a storage room. There would not be a quest reward directly, but the reward would come instead from what mineral goodies were trapped in the Rockworm's stomach upon defeat. This would be a good way to introduce a rare gem or mineral as well.

A second mechanic to this would be once you cross that threshold which would trigger a roll to spawn the Rockworm, every Z minutes would trigger a reroll as long as the mineral count was above that X amount. The Y% would have to be a low percentage and the Z minutes could be set so this was more of a rare spawn.
Something I am always interested in is the gui layout. I could add something like "New Objective Found" centred on the top of the screen that fades away in a couple of seconds.
I am about to do some changes the tutorial window, right now it looks like this:

But I will change it so that the player can see or navigate too different objectives. We would always have "main objective", how to complete the level so to speak. Then this category/topic would be side objectives. Right now I am thinking about having a list in the window, topmost the main objectives with a small headline, then below the side-objectives. The player would be able to scroll the window if he gets a lot of objects, and clicking on one of them could fill the window with objective details.

Hmmm, maybe we should name them quests instead?
yeah, quests is a lot easier to say and is more the standard lingo for the genre anyways.
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Sound great nice to a sandbox game, "dynamic event/quest" is the best !
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