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Dwelvers Journal 2014.04.19 - Left to do before releasing Dwelvers Alpha v0.7
(22-04-2014, 06:40 AM)Rasmus Wrote: The crafting system is now working and I am almost finished with the "Forge and Anvil" only the imp animations left..

So far the my cat seems to approve of BurningPet's design of the building Tongue


(I will post a better picture of it with the next newsletter, I just thought this one was funny Big Grin)

LOL, that's cute. That looks like an awesome cat, Rasmus. Even has good taste in video games. Rolleyes

Orifiael Wrote:My cats always gaze at the screen, pretending it's interesting and wondering why I would be interested in staring at my screen all day Tongue.

So little off topic... I ehm.. pre-ordered, and kinda only got a new account and password. So I have 2 accounts now.
This might be my fault, since my paypal is registered on a different e-mailadress.

LOL, maybe someday, your cats will understand why it's so fascinating staring at a flat rectangle with things moving around on it sometimes for hours at a time.Big Grin

In the meanwhile, Welcome to the forums! Cool

(a little late to the party with this turn in the discussion, I know, but yesterday I had my nose buried in a network security book all day and this morning at 8:30am sharp, I wrote the test that went with that book.)
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The Golden One!

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