Dwelvers Journal 2014.04.19 - Left to do before releasing Dwelvers Alpha v0.7
That's cool. Something you might consider when making a bed for the Fishman is that you might not need much of an animation at all. I could imagine something similar to the Imp's bed, except instead of having a concave stone to lay on, you could have the concave part replaced by water. When the Fishman needs sleep, he could jump into the water and disappear under it. Then you would just have some Zs and bubbles on the water surface as the sleep animation.

One problem that I see with the Fishman getting food from the water directly is that sometimes fish can be really far away from your central dungeon. I guess if you really wanna make it so that he gets food from the water you could just make sure that fish spawn closer to the Dark Mother's location always. You could also make it so that where he sleeps and eats is the same place. Imp's could deliver an X number of fish to his 'watering hole' and this could also cut down on the amount of time put into animating this.

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