Dwelvers Journal 2014.04.19 - Left to do before releasing Dwelvers Alpha v0.7
Exactly folks!
Every new Dwelvers version before it come to Steam will be released for all recent copy recipent first to give them for testing new features, find bugs/issues & glitches, etc (let's call it pre patched version). After making a stabile version, nice and clean, a patched version will be released on Steam. - so we will maybe break the stereotype that early access games are buggy! :d And BTW I aware any YouTube gamers or reviewers to talk about patched versions. Wink

We came to this, that with adding more and more features to game we need to solve all previous problems, otherwise game will not satisfy anyone to the full even with new features, we're learning from others mistakes - after all, some bugs disable some from trying a game or some features right? This can happen.

I hope we could back to our promise that we release news weekly, Rasmus is really doing many things and especially now has tons of work to do, Ben also is very busy, oh he is, believe me. Omri is working for more evil music theme and I'm working at new forum and some PR and collaboration stuff (well only it's on blueprint ATM).

Anyway, I apologize in name of our team to had make you waiting for new release so long. Hope you'll forgive us after playing 0.7. :3
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