Dwelvers Journal 2014.04.20 - Improved Creature Creation
Hi All

Time for another journal to be written Smile
Besides improved creature creation, the last two weeks have been mostly about finishing up some of the almost finished features in the game. This have been the creature modding in particular that has taken a lot out of the development time, but now I can say that it is 100% complete finally Smile So today I also want to show how it will be possible to add new items and languages to the game.

Creature Creation

If we start by taking a look at this first screeenshot we will see that the Orcs now require new items to be created.


These new items are called "shards" and the player can also see how many he have in possession at the top of the screen. There are four levels of these shards:
  • Shard of despair (lv1)
  • Shard of agony (lv2)
  • Shard of death (lv3)
  • Shard of ??? (lv4) (We still haven't decided 100% on the names)

The higher the level of shard, the harder it will be for the player to obtain it. And that takes me to the next screenshot:


Here we have a wooden club selected in the items menu, the player have the option too feed this item to the dark mother to be able to obtain the number of shards the wooden club is worth, and these shards can then be used to create creatures as explained above.

All items can be feed to the dark mother through the items menu, and all items have some shards value, some less than other, and the more common and is easy the item is to obtain the lower shard value the item will have.

We have been discussion this here: http://forum.dwelvers.com/showthread.php...41#pid6141

The main upside with this system is that the player don't have to worry about overproducing one item type and have it fill all the storage rooms because all items can be used for creature production and not go to waste. One other thing is that even if the player can't find gold, he can always use other items to produce creatures, even if it will take a longer amount of time.

In this screenshot I also have a crafting menu visible, but I will not go into details about that one until the next week Wink

Dwelvers Launcher

Something that have been bothering me for a long time is the inability to choose the game resolution, and now with the ability to choose language I got more and more drawn towards making a launcher for the game.


Besides being able to select resolution and language the player will also get the latest news from the Dwelvers website displayed in the launcher, this will probably make it a lot easier to be up to date with the development. I have also added so that the player can select to run the game in debug mode, what it does then is to open "DwelversDebugger" if it is not already opened before launching the game, this should make the debugging a little easier I hope.

I may as well include this


Instead of having a full-screen loading screen I made it so that all the initializing of the game appears through a splash-screen. I don't know how much of a difference this makes for people in general, but it looks a little nicer and the player will not be forced to look at a black screen while waiting for the game to start up.

Left to do

I have finally put up a left to do list of the things that is needed to be done before the next release. Why I have been avoiding this for so long is because I have been forced to make so many new features and changes to the game that it has been very hard for me to be able to say what is left and what is not. But now when almost all the heavy work is behind us I can focus on just adding new features.

Language Modding Tutorial

I have added a tutorial here on how to create a new language for the game:

Item Modding Tutorial

I have added a tutorial here on how to add new items into the game:

Next week I will add a creature modding tutorial. This will be a really big topic so there is not enough time for me to introduce it with these news.

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