Dwelvers Journal 2014.05.04 - Full Steam Ahead
Hi All

As many of you know I have been busy checking of items from my todo list here, and today I wanted to show some of the progress made the last two weeks. I did put a little extra time into this journal and made animated gifs out of some of the new features so that it is easier to get the whole picture. Animated gifs do make the site take a longer time to load, but it is far simpler to work with than importing videos. If you want to you can leave a comment below what you prefer, animated gifs or youtube videos?

The Forge and Anvil

The forge and anvil is a part of the new crafting system that will be introduced with the upcoming release, the player can make an order to craft an item from the item menu, this order will then be forwarded to the closest idle building that can craft this specific item. To be able to make the most weapons and armors needed in the game we have decided to create some different building types that can be built in the armory, one of these buildings is the "Forge and Anvil". Its job is to craft any item which primary ingredients is a metal of some sort. This includes iron armour, swords, axes, iron gauntlets and much more.

I made this gif recording in 3dsmax and not in game as I think it will be much less distractions watching it, the imp models in this video is the old models unfortunately, but the imp animation is the same Wink

[Image: Forging.gif]

The Sewing Machine

As there will be a lot of textiles of one sort or another we decided to implement a sewing machine as well. This is no ordinary sewing machine as it is so big that the imps have to climb up on it to be able to work it. The items made in the sewing machine atm is the hide armor and the leather armor. The idea here is that the hide armor is the most basic armor out there and the only armor atm that also work as a crafting item. To create a hide armor the imps needs to put rope on the sewing machine (this needs to be done every time the sewing machine is used, so any item crafted by the sewing machine will always require a minimum of one rope), then a piece of leather and then work the sewing machine to produce the hide armor. To be able to create leather armor the sewing machine will require one hide armour and one leather. The same goes for crafting a iron armor, the forge will require one hide armor, a couple of iron ingots and some rope.

Here we have a animated gif of the sewing machine, this one is also made in 3dsmax out of the same reason.

[Image: SewingMachine.gif]

We welcome the Cyclotaur and the Impanzee

The idea is that the player should be able to create most of the creatures that are introduced to the game, this is mostly because there is no obvious reason why the Dark Mother shouldn't be able to produce Impanzees when she can create Orcs. So the concluction was that the once the player has imprisoned a creature he or she gets the option to feed it to the Dark Mother, and this will enable her to produce this creature. It is possible that we will make a status bar that shows how many creatures of a specific type that will need to be feed to the Dark Mother before she can produce it, but in the upcoming version this we be instant, only one creature needs to be feed to Dark Mother to enable her to produce it.

So to be able to introduce the Cyclotaur and the Impanzee to the player they needed some extra animations and beds so that they can eat and sleep, and this is what I want to show in the gifs below. The framerate is lower in these gifs because I don't want them to be too slow to load, there are a lot more going on in the dungeon that makes the filesize much larger than when I recorded from 3dsmax.

[Image: CyclotaurSleeping.gif]

[Image: Eating.gif]

The Rogue

I did present the Rogue at a earlier occasion but at that point he wasn't implemented in the game as he is now. My main plan for the rogue atm is that he could accompany the knights and help them out dig out a path to the player and attack him. I say "atm" because the main idea is that he should be owned by the player and and have a thief like behaviour and steal all the things he can get the hands on, not only from enemies but also from the player if he is not "paying" him enough. But unfortunately I can't let the player be able to produce him atm because of his clothes. All creatures produced by the Dark Mother should be "born" naked, and then equipped by the player, and as the rogues clothes are a part of his model and not a external model this can't be done. I know I am nitpicking and that I could make an exception, but there are so many other things that needs my attention at the moment that this will just have to wait..

The Rogue...

[Image: Rogue.gif]

New Items

I want to show of some of the new items that have been introduced into the game that I haven't shown before. (I will not make any description out of these items as it is mentioned in the screenshots)


And here we have the Orc equipped with various items


This knights hammer is a little bit special, the Cyclotaur is atm the only creature that can hold two handed items and be owned by the player, and this will affect his standing, walking and attacking animation. Here is a screenshot of him holding it:


What's next?

Here you can see what I am working on right now and what is left to do before the release: http://forum.dwelvers.com/showthread.php?tid=788

My main priority is to get the rope maker and the butchers table in there so that the production chain gets completed. After that it is mostly getting the game balanced and adding some smaller features that helps with that. Soon, very soon the next release will be out there, I just can't wait Big Grin I am so excited Big Grin

Lootfest is now on Steam

This is a little off the Dwelvers topic, but I really want to promote this game!
Lootfest is a game made by a close friend of mine (Fabian), and he has been very helpful and supportive in the development of Dwelvers, he was the one that persuaded me to start the IndieGoGo campaign and get Dwelvers known to the public. But that is not the only reason I am promoting Lootfest, the main reason is that it is a very fun game that is inspired by Diablo and classic Zelda which is amongst my favourite games that I have spent waaay to many hours playing Smile So I definitely hope that Lootfest will get greenlighted, and if you also want to support him with this you can follow the link below.

Steam Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/fi...=254740086

We have also started a little discussion about it here if you want to comment on it: http://forum.dwelvers.com/showthread.php?tid=796
Only one word...Awesome!

This looks really awesome and I'm looking forward to the next release...can't wait:-)

Good work Rasmus and Team!
As usual, everything looks great. It seems you're really getting that list knocked out, and I'm excited too about all the new features. One thing I was thinking when looking at all this is that the Cyclotaur bed seems a bit small for the creature. I was thinking even though there is not an item yet for this (perhaps this could be made from Antroot fibers for rope?) it would make much more sense for him to have a bed of straw. That bed he's using would be really nice for the rouge I think since I would think the rouge would enjoy and expect the finer things in life.
Thanks all Big Grin

Yeah, the cyclotaur bed isn't the best, I agree with that! We will have it remade soon, this was something I threw together a month ago in a hurry :S
Awesome work Rasmus and the whole team!
[insert witty text here]
Man, this game is looking better every day. Great job devs!
This is awesome!

I love that you made use of the classic black-eyed imps for the demos of the forge and sewing machine. As great as the new imps are, I have to admit I do miss the black eyed version...
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Well... I must say Dwelvers will be something I will be anticipating. I may be inactive at the forum but I am always lurking on the news page of Dwelvers on a lookout for progressive news like this one. Bless Dwelvers and it's developers so it will become enjoyable while maintaining good health on the workers.

Go for it Rasmus. I'm always looking forward for this!
Glad to see you're still around, even if it is as a "creepy lurker dude." Tongue
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If you would like to send me your in-game text for review, IE: The item text etc. I can polish the language and grammar from a native-speaker's standpoint and get rid of small errors etc.
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(19-05-2014, 11:41 PM)TacticBlack Wrote: If you would like to send me your in-game text for review, IE: The item text etc. I can polish the language and grammar from a native-speaker's standpoint and get rid of small errors etc.

That sounds great Smile
I am still adding a lot of text here and there, so after the upcoming release we can take a look at it.

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