Team News 2014.05.06 - Live stream with Rasmus and Fabian tonight
Tonight at 07:00 PM GMT+1 (4 hours from now) me and Fabian (creator of Lootfest) will do a stream on twitch at

We will show of some of the coding and how we work when developing games, there will also be a lot of recording from Dwelvers at its current state. But I will not focus on showing of the game in detail, it will be a lot of reloading / testing, 3d modelling, discussion about future features and the upcoming release.

Right now I am working on the vines, and how the imps will chop them down and use them. I also have some ideas I want to present as we go along, and it could be real fun if anyone from the forum could join me in a Skype chat as well during the streaming Smile Just send me a pm here at the forum and I will get back to you, the only requirement are a mic and a good mood Smile
Starting in 30 minutes Smile
Did you record it to Twitch so that it stores the video by chance? I went to the link on Twitch that I found for it but obviously you're not playing it for 3 days straight but no videos of the game at all when I search for Dwelvers.
Welcome to the forum Smile

Ahh sorry no, it was not on my channel either. We did a 3 - 4 hour long stream and we discussed a lot of things, not only Dwelvers, this is because the one I was streaming with had his own project to show of as well.

Tonight (Saturday evening CET time) I will probably do another stream with Fabian, but I will have to get back to you all with the details a little later..
Okay, thank you. If I'm around and about I shall certainly watch it to get a better idea how to play your wonderful game.

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