My New Idea I & S - Invert the mouse

Just found out about Dwelvers today, some good first impressions to be sure.

One thing though that really bugs me is that I can't seem to find any way to invert the mouse so that it rotates and tilts the screen the opposite way that it currently does.

Is this currently available in the game, and if not, is it planned any time in the somewhat near future?

I'd love to pre order the game and although to most I'm sure this must be a really minor issue, to me it's a big issue as I've tried for years in all the games that I have bought to get used to the way the mouse rotates and tilts and never managed it so I don't play those games where I can't invert the mouser.

That sounds like something to post in the suggestions forum. To my knowledge that hasn't been added and I don't think anyone has suggested it yet either.

Welcome to the forums. Cool
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I added it to the todo list so that I don't forget it Smile
Awesome. +1 for Ras!
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Hi, welcome to the community. Smile
Well all ideas are welcomed, as you see Rasmus has no limits and the idea of inverted mouse will be implemented with the next version, lol. :d
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